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Nottingham Nottingham Nottingham!

- Thursday, 17 April 2014. to read...
So I'm back in the lovely Nottingham for Easter and I've come back to hear of some great successes!

Nottingham has got a really cool scene for music and we seem to be doing really well at the moment, which is great to hear. If you'e not familiar with any of them you may have heard of them thrown around Radio 1.

So here's 3 of my favorite little Nottingham gems at the moment..

1. Saint Raymond is one who is doing really well, he's got a really nice vibe to his music. It's really easy listening, you can check him out on YouTube and I'd recommend checking out 'Fall At Your Feet' and 'Young Blood' which was Zane Lowe's hottest record, they're both great tunes! He's been dubbed in a few interviews as following in Jake Bugg's footsteps so watch this space! Check out his YouTube Channel

2. Dog is Dead is a band which has been signed for a few years now but they are continuing to strive on and beginning to get some great festival slots. It's indie at its best and these guys are great live! Their music is geat at a festival and great fun at gigs. If you haven't heard of them pick them up, I don't think you'll be disappointed. This year they've had a slot touring with Two Door Cinema Club, which is great and they compliment each-other nicely. If you like Two Door you'll enjoy Dog is Dead. Check out their YouTube

3. And finally, an act I really love at the moment is Indiana. She played last night for a Radio 1 Live Lounge Session and she has got a really cool vibe to her music. Different to both these artists. Her new song 'Solo Dancing' is great and really easy to listen to, if you like more elcetronicy stuff then she's for you. She's got a really cool voice too!

Good ol' Nottingham eh!

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