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My Festival Favorite.

- Saturday, 10 May 2014. to read...
Right so if you want a cool, chilled out, quirky, arty, cosy festival, my massive recommendation is ELECTRIC PICNIC in Ireland.

I went in the year 2012 and the line up looked like this..

It was class,if you're not into pushy crowds this is definetly the festival for you, there was no moshpits no, pushing or shoving it was lots of music fans appreciating the music. I was comepletely shocked, I'm used to gigs where i'm jumping around on a madone but this was so different and it was actually really nice to watch the music.

My favorite memory was me and my friends sitting on the grass watching Micheal Kiwannuka ( who is fantastic i might add)  lovely fest, check out this years line up

Also may I add you walk through a forest lit with tee lights to get the stages! ADORABLE.

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