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Fair play!

- Monday, 9 June 2014. to read...
Now the other day, me and my friend went for a drive, because it was sunny here in Wales! (I know mental right)

Anyway, we were blasting the tunes in the car, as you do, and I was caught off guard by this one! Basically I'm not normally much of an Ed Sheeran listener, I should be really because he is extremely talented so I don't really have an excuse not too. Anyway his song 'Sing' is an absolute corker of tune!! Had to play it another 3 times, and that's a rare thing for me to do unless I love the song (which I then kill because I over listen but ah well).

BUT I was youtubing his song Sing because I like to hear the live versions of songs I really like and I stumbled across a Jools Holland session he did a couple of weeks ago and I was a bit of  sucker to this song too 'Thinking Out Loud', it's just so beautifully sung!

Looks like I've been a little converted, might have to steal his new album off my mum which she will most likely buy as she's a fan of the lad! Seriously, she knows more words than me!

If you haven't seen the Jools Holland session check it out here if you want:
Thinking out Loud Jools Holland

Fair play Ed, keep it up!

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