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Festival madness.

- Friday, 6 June 2014. to read...
So I went shopping today and I stumbled into some shops (by accident of course) and purchased some festival goodies for myself, because you know, I felt that I was in the shop and it was there and yeah.....


I LOVE FESTIVAL SHOPPING! It gets me all excited and plus I'm off to the Isle of Wight festival next week which I cannot wait for.

You can't really beat, sun (or rain), cider, music and great memories can you! Plus The Red Hot Chillie Peppers are one of the headliners which is a band I've wanted to see since I was probably about 12....So lifes pretty cool.


Just back to what I bought! I've just ordered these boots from New look for £7, wellies are essential and if you have been to a festival before and its rained you'll understand what I mean, if not google muddy festival and you'll see why! anyway here they are, I love em'
I love them they have a bit of a Dr. Martins vibe. 

I also got a cute play-suit from New Look also which has a really cool pattern and I've decided to team it with this vintage denim shirt to give it a bit of the 'festivally' edge...

Here's a couple of Primark steals I bought, a little denim pinafore dress with a boys, yes boys, t-shirt!  


These outfits would not be complete, of course, without a lovely festival flower headband! 

Love me sunflowers me. 

I am also going to follow this up with a vlog I recently filmed called 'Lou's festival survival kit' so that should be uploaded either Saturday or Sunday so keep your eyes peeled! 

For now. Peace out. 

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