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Followed by band of the month...

- Thursday, 17 July 2014. to read...
So I'm bringing a brand new feature to my blog. I have been receiving some follows from some great new bands who deserve some recognition! So I've decided to bring in my 'Followed by' band of the month and let you all have a listen and read my thoughts. Nice eh.

So let's kick it off with the wonderful.....

 The Art of Amputation.

I am absolutely loving the sound of these guys straight from the Souncloud! They are a four piece band from London  with a self titled EP with a great eclectic mix of sounds. Definitely fantastic easily listening tunes with a great electronic and indie edge. The vocals really bring out a sense of style to their music and a great alternative feel. I haven't stumbled across new music which I immediately enjoy in a very long time! I personally love the mix of the Indie-Folk feel of 'Loosing the Limb' and the psychedelic 'Detroit'. 'Inside Our Glass House' is also an awesome tune! This EP is fantastic and well worth a listen.

In my opinion, from what I have heard so far, WATCH THIS SPACE!

Take a listen to their brilliant eclectic EP, you will not be disappointed.... 

Keep up the great work guys!

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