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Music that sure is Ruby!

- Sunday, 27 July 2014. to read...
Yes that was a play on words in the title. See if you're on the lookout for some great new artists, Independent record label RUBY MUSIC has it all!
They have a huge range of an eclectic mix of artists, one of which took my first 'followed by' band of the month.

Want to know more you might ask well....

So if you look a little further down my blog you'll see my review of The Art Of Amputation, who are a really cool indie band coming onto the scene at the moment. Check out my previous post here: Followed by band of the month..

Right so lets take a look at some of my other favorites on the label.


So first lets kick off with The Black Delta Movement, a garage rock n' roll 4 piece from Hull, who have already supported with some great acts such as The View, Temples and Twin Atlantic. These guys have a great sound, combined with the gritty vocals with a bit of a 90s feel and some very cool rock and roll guitar riffs, these guys are great. Also described as Neo-psycadelica, this sure comes across in some of their music videos. Check them out here: BDMOfficial. They also have a fantastic EP 'Ghost Dance' which is now available on ITunes. Well worth the listen if you like talented musical tunage. 


Now these guys are cool! They are a psychedelic, very psychedelic I might add (trust me check out the videos) rock band from Florence in Italy with a clear heavy influence from the 60's and a hint of the 90's. Interesting combination you might say? well it sure is that. This 5 piece have already toured with some great artists such as John Power from The La's and The Joy Formidable. If you like you're 60s sound then these guys are definitely right up your street and I recommend watching a couple of their music videos which have even been circulated onto channels such as MTV! They've already done a tour of Europe this year and played Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona. As a fan of the 60s sound these guys are great, and if you'd like to hear a trippier version of The Beatles.  Check out their album ghosts here 
THE VICKERS - GHOST which was released at the end of March 2014. 


Now this 4 piece post punk band from London are already off to a flying start with their music. This comes in the fashion of  a slot at the famous British Summer Time festival on the Sony music stage played on the 12th of July and with a debut album, Standing at the Floodgates, they are off to something big! Although they are still at the early stages, these guys have a big sound and it looks like its only up from here. With catchy guitar riffs and with Alastair Gale's vocals sounding like bit like a British Matt Berninger from The National in some respects with alt rock/post punk band from London are definitely ones to watch! 
Check out their album and why not give it a purchase if you like it 

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