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Return of the Brit Pop?

- Friday, 25 July 2014. to read...
Well what do we have here then?

To answer this question plain and simply a dynamic rock and roll 3 piece from Birmingham.

The Samuel Rogers Band, who only formed in June 2013, sound like they've been plucked straight from the 90s along with the likes of The Stone Roses, Oasis and a bitta Blur. These guys have definitely defined the genre of a rock and soul sound with some nice funk and blues additions. Alongside some gritty vocals and head bobbing tunes, they're definitely onto something special. Their latest EP Turn It Up has just that with 'Love Is By My Side' with great instrumental input with a lovely bit of saxophone, moving on to some familiar territory to some Brit Pop sounding classics with 'There's always something'. Also not forgetting a great rock and roll feeling track with 'Give It All (I Got)'

There is clearly some examples of some experimental territory in this EP too. If you're a fan of classic oasis and vocals that clearly strand from influence from the likes of Paul Weller then give these guys a listen, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Give 'Turn It Up!!' a listen

I'm certainly going to keep an eye out to see how these guys progress!

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