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Take a lookie at this!

- Monday, 7 July 2014. to read...
Well these guys are not hard to follow after releasing numerous amounts of musical goodness this year and are catching quite the eye!

Peasant's King have released their brand new music video after the release of their two EP's (which i've talked about a few posts down) earlier this year! But this little gem comes from the EP Kingdom, a fantastic little EP I might add, and this track is called Promised Land.
It's a really cool video with some interesting edits.

Take a watch here...
Peasant's King - Promised Land

They've also been busy bee's and recorded a couple of live sessions for Skins too. Watch them go eh....

Peasant's King Skins - Kingdom
Peasant's King Skins - Antidotes

Both their EP's are on Itunes, download them now!
When Four Walls Are Home

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