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What a gig!

- Monday, 7 July 2014. to read...
So I went to see Arcade Fire as part of the BST (British Summer Time) in Hyde Park and the atmosphere was truly electric!

Starting off with support acts from the likes of Future Island and Wild Beasts really got the crowd pumping and the beers flying as everyone was jumping and moving to these infectious beats. Great choice of support with their captivating songs. Leading then to the main support of the evening Jake Bugg who wandered onto the stage and immediately began with 'There's a Beast and We All Feed it' and then continuing the set with some crowd pleasers 'Lightning Bolt' and 'Two Fingers' getting everyone excited for the next act.

And then anthemic legends Arcade Fire immediately owned the stage as the began with 'Normal Person' from their brand new album Reflektor.  I was highly anticipating this set as they had a lot to choose from their four fantastic studio albums, with some fantastically loved songs from the likes of Neon Bible and The Suburbs with 'No Cars Go' and 'The Suburbs' as well as the set dominated by the album Reflktor with brand spanking new 'We Exsist' and 'Reflektor' they positively owned the stage with their fantastic lighting and excellent performance. There was so much going on you couldn't have been visually bored if you tried, from dancers, to costumes, to the use of mirrors and lighting. They couldn't have done much more.  Their encore finale was spot on, check this out!

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