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Caught a fish of musical tunage lately?

- Monday, 4 August 2014. to read...
Well that was a slight pun on words in a very poor unfunny way, but hey we can't all be comedians.

 Anyway so if you haven't guessed the band I'm about to talk about they are a rock 4 piece from Llandudno in North Wales and they are the fantastic Catfish And The Bottlemen.

Following the release of 4 singles of pure tunage over 2013 and 2014 from Van, Billy, Benji and Bob (loving the B’s in this band) they have just released their brand new single Cocoon and with a headline tour of the UK looming their debut album is being transcended into our earwaves on the 15th of September.

 Want to know more you might ask, well if you like infectious indie then say no more. With the fantastic single ‘Kathleen’ you have an anthemic tune on your hands with catchy guitar riffs and taut vocals, it’s a definite tune you’ll find yourself tapping your foot to at a festival, and when you know the lyrics, belting them out, cider or beer in hand having the time of your life. Carrying on this exciting musical trail we have Fallout containing some fantastically fitting gritty vocals from Van, and continuing the great musical talent from the rest of the band with some more catchy instrumental goodeness from Billy Benji and Bob (I loved writing that) you have yet another tune on your hands.

They are massively hitting up the festival vibe this summer performing at Strawberry Fields, Boardmasters and the festival hype of the summer, Reading and Leeds. I bet they can’t wait to unload Cocoon onto their fans and maybe a cheeky few of their new album? Who knows. But if you are at a festival and contemplating seeing a band you have never seen before or know these guys and love what they do, then I would completely recommend you go check em’ out this summer! I saw them live a few months back at a gig in Cardiff and I tell you the crowd was electric and this was in a small, intimate venue, imagine a tent full of punters! 

Check out their singles here: Catfish and The Bottleman YouTube
                                             Buy on Itunes

 And remember the date for the release of their debut album ‘The Balcony’

 A massive favourite of mine and be sure to check em’ out.

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