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New New New

- Monday, 18 August 2014. to read...
Some new tracks for you! There is lots being released by lots of different artists at the moment so keep your eyes peeled, I know I am!


So let's first take a look at Mr Jamie T because he hasn't released anything since his album Kings and Queens back in 2009 and his debut of course Panic Prevention back in 2007 containing the hit single 'Sheila'. We are currently anticipating his brand new album on the 29th of September 'carry on the grudge'

If you've never listened, he produces some very catchy beats with lyrics that will find you singing the words after one listen. Along with very 'brit' style vocals which will remind you of the libertines. I'm sure you will have heard chaka demus or sticks 'n' stones at least once in your life, trust me when you play it I bet you'll recognise it.

Anyway so if you've tuned into radio 1 recently you will have heard his brand new track of his forthcoming album played a lot with the likes of Zane Lowe, who made it his hottest track. But if you haven't check out his brand new track, 'Zombie', where he ironically (or not) turns into a zombie. Now if you listen to this song and don't find yourself singing along inadvertently afterwards. You didn't listen properly.  He also released us a cheeky track back in July called 'don't you find'. I'm intrigued to see what he's been working on with his forthcoming album so watch this space.

And next we have Alt-J. Who I absolutely love. I blogged about their track 'left hands free' earlier this month, but they have been busy bees indeed since then. the lovely quartet have been releasing a few tracks off their brand new album and we've had two more, 'hunger of the pine' and 'every other freckle'. These tracks are getting me so so excited for the mercury award winner's brand new album 'this is all yours' which is due for release on the 22nd of September. Exciting stuff.

Cannot wait to get my hands on both these albums!

Take a listen to the new tracks I've mentioned here:
Jamie T:
Don't you find

hunger of the pine

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