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Shoot these guys out your speakers!

- Wednesday, 6 August 2014. to read...
Do we have any punk fans in the house? If so you will not say no to this trio’s gritty vocals and head bobbing brand new 11 track album.

Colt 45, signed to independent label Visible Noise, have recently released their new album ‘The Tide Is Turning’ on the 28th of July and if you haven’t caught it yet, give it a listen. Following the release of their debut album ‘Coughing up Confessions’ back in 2013 they have been busy bee’s indeed after recently partaking in a Vevo Discover session of ‘O.K’ and they are continuing to break onto the scene.

Let’s take a looksee at this album shall we? O.K!

O.K so lets kick off with, well, O.K. My favourite track of the album with poignant and relatable lyrics combined with the typical punk rock vocals from front-man and guitarist Neil Harper. This track works so well with this genre as it completely ticks all the boxes of what you’d want to hear in an alt rock/ punk song. The great musical combination of the guitars and the drums from Adam Lewis and Gareth Jenkins in this track surely are pleasing to the ear and would definitely go down amazingly at gigs and festivals with their fans. 

And kicking off the album with the track Salt Water, you immediately get the feel of what’s to follow. Again with the hedonistic guitars and frantic drum patterns you can immediately hear the progression from their debut ‘coughing up confessions’ from tracks like ‘Everybody Will Let you Down’ and ‘These Unspoken Arguments’ which appear on their first album, however you can hear the massive musical influence through the instrumentals in The Tide Is Turning. The similarity to bands such as Sum 41 and The Offspring are somewhat lost on their new album and beginning to come into their own, setting the stall out to being slightly unique in the Punk market.

This goes hand in hand with with tracks like ‘Crutches’ and ‘595’ which take a step away from the hectic drums and heavy guitars to something a lot simpler and thought provoking. Especially ending with ‘Crutches’, with lyrics like ‘you can make it on your own’ it’s a great way to conclude the album. In terms of ending an onstage set the most anthemic tune on the album ‘The Simple Things Are Working’ containing the album title lyric ‘The Tide Is Turning’ I could definitely see to be a crowd pleaser . You can just see everyone holding up their lights and moving them side to side for this one whilst belting out the lyrics and absorbing the song, all ready for an encore of a bigger sound off the album.

You can hear the sound oozing from Cumbria at the moment.

Check out these guys, and see what you think to the album yourself;

you’ll be missing out if you do (click the album art to hear more) also check them out on Spotify!

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