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- Monday, 11 August 2014. to read...
Right so, if you didn't read my previous post on this band I'm about to reveal then you're missing out! Check out their latest video for their brand new single of their latest EP 'Kingdom' here, 'Promised Land'.

Rightie then let's continue this Welsh talent trail shall we, check this out! Peasant's King are continuing their musical quest to showcase what the Welsh music scene is made of. And they do just that. With this original version of their latest single 'Promised Land' it is showing the musical talent of the boys as they produce a completely different version of the original track and yet pull it off so smoothly. Frontman Daniel Lafrombe displays to us just how far his vocal range can go, with the haunting echo as he delightfully finishes the track. Whilst Joshua Bowels and Rhodri Parry reinvents the atmosphere of the song with their angelic chord structure which cements the song to something unique. Alongside Lewys Mann's simultaneous soft bass beat and drummer Harry Lee's rhythmic sequence adds a marching sensation to the song which fits perfectly. 

You need to check this version out and if you haven't listened to them before, I hope it encourages you to spare an ear for their other tracks and take a listen to their double remastered debut EP's released earlier this year via Visible Noise. 


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