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Followed by Artist of the month!

- Tuesday, 9 September 2014. to read...
It's that time again and look who's nabbed my 2nd 'followed by artist of the month'

At just 16 years old, local Welsh singer/songwriter from Caerphilly, Alex Stacey has already released an EP, and brand new tracks on SoundCloud 'These Walls' and 'Chasing Lightning' which he cleverly recorded himself in a garage at his school. Pretty cool eh, and to continue he is currently working on a brand spanking new EP, which I have managed to see a bit of the production of recently, and it is sounding awesome.

Let this flow through you're ear drums and you would not believe he is just 16years young. His hauntingly memorable vocal technique, combined with some fantastically written lyrics, puts his music at a very very high standard. The control of each track with his gentle guitar strums defiantly creates an interesting sound and something that is well worth the check out.

His music is sure to reach out to everyone in some way, with clear influence from artists such as Lewis Watson, Ed Sheeran and Saint Raymond. And live, well his vocals echo flawlessly round the room.

I managed to catch up with him recently whilst he was recording his new EP:

Of course my first question was how are you? and his reply was I'm good thank you!
 (in case you were wandering, I knew you were see.)

So you are in the process of recording you're brand new EP, what inspired you to write it?

Alex: ummmm...I dunno really? Life? Ha, yeah there is nothing in-particular I just, like some of the songs are pretty self explanatory what they're about.

Ah cool! So have you got any idea of what you'll call your new EP yet or are you still up in the air about what it might be? 

Alex: No, no, not yet. still deciding when it's finished. 

And its a 4 track EP?

Alex: Yeah four tracks, it was about 8 at one point! But Dan (Producer: Danni Lafrombe Peasant's king) kicked me up the backside and sorted me out, haha.

Wow 8?! Haha fair play! So what's the process of recording been like for you?

  Alex: Very different, I've recorded one EP before with a woman called Amy Wadge. We basically had four days to record a four track EP, so we did a song a day. But with Dan we've had a lot more time to process things, and when I look back at the old EP I wish I could have changed this or that, but I have the chance to do that now with this EP. And go, we need this bit but we don't need that bit sorta thing. I had an amazing time doing the first EP with Amy, but its done a lot differently because Dan normally produces with a band, so he's used to doing it that way, whereas Amy has worked with lots of solo artists and singer songwriters, so its great to have both experiences! 

How cool! 
Amy Wadge has famously written with Ed Sheeran and many other big artists, whats it been like to work with such an established songwriter? 

Alex: It's pretty crazy, because I literally walk to school on a Monday morning and people say 'have you heard the new Ed Sheeran song' and it's like, I know the woman who wrote that! And hear the new Lewis Watson track and think again, I know the woman who wrote that! Like I have her number on my phone, so I can text her whenever I like. Which is great. 

That's awesome! Have  you got any exciting gigs coming up?

Alex: Well I'm doing my second ever caerphilly show, and I live in Caerphilly. It's at the Workmans Hall. It's really cool, the YPN (young promoters network, Wales) did that. I'll just get the date....I know its in October sometime.....ah the 25th, October the 25th.  

Awesome, I'll be there! And what's coming up next for you? Have you got anything planned after this EP?

Alex: I think the idea after this EP is to, I mean I don't expect this EP to go to stupid numbers because it's not going to happen but it would be amazing to have people listen to my EP and say it's really cool. It's to get my foot in the door. It'll be the first material I put on iTunes and hopefully not the last so it's kind of a big set. 

Defiantly! It's all about getting your sound out there.
 If you could choose any festival at all which one would you choose to play at?

Alex: Umm..I'd probably choose the Coachella festival.

Amazing choice! The lineups always insane too. 
And finally really, if you could be any flavor of crisps which one would you be and why?  

Alex: ahhh Walkers are doing those new ones, they have like 6 flavours that people have chosen. And one of em' which I have like packs and packs of is the cheese and bean...cheese on beans on toast! Yeah they're crazy nice I like them! But I've put on like 4 stone because of them. Haha.

Haha that's amazing!
Thank you very much for the interview man. 
Thats ok, thank you!  

Remember to check him out!!
      Facebook -            Twitter - @alex__stacey

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