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Hello there SBTRKT. You beauty!

- Tuesday, 9 September 2014. to read...
So lookie what has just been released today!

Yep SBTRKT have been slowly releasing some wicked tracks of their brand new album  'Wonder Where We Land'

Higher ft Raury is an awesome tune by SBTRKT. It combines once again those catchy vocals remixed with such velocity. Another amazing collaboration in my opinion. They also manged to work with Vampire Weekend's frontman  Ezra Koenig with 'New Drop.New York'  a really cool mixture of vocals in this one, I am a big Vampire Weekend fan so this collab was amazing for me, combined with Ezras memorable vocals and a low bass beat, creates a really interesting vibe to the song.

Its true to say I cannot wait for the album and to see what the guys have got in store after the success of their debut self titled album!

Check out the tracks on Spotify!

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