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I'm back!

- Tuesday, 28 October 2014. to read...

Yes I've not  posted or vlogged for a while, I appologise. I've been a busy bee and I wanted to vlog last week but I am having to borrow cameras from my University at the moment and could't get one out. :(

But I'm back and I'm back on the blogging game! (and vlogging) so check out my daily posts, yes daily posts, you heard it here first (well, um, yeah. Where else  would you hear it!) Anyway keep your eyes peeled for the posting and youtube-ing

You can watch my other online antics here ;)
Unique Lullaby YouTube

In other news I'm back on my student station every Monday 1-3pm on www.dragonrdiousw.co.uk, and on the Tune In App (Dragon Radio) So feel free to give that  a listen when you can!

But for right now, 
Heres my dog with sunglasses on

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