Driving Home For Christmas - Unique Lullaby
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Driving Home For Christmas

- Sunday, 21 December 2014. to read...

Number 4

I'm continuing to get Christmassy with Unique  Lullaby. So my number 4 is the 1986 classic,
 Driving Home For Christmas by Chris Rea. 

This song really make me want to curl up and sit by the fire with the Christmas tree lights wavering in the background and a nice film session with the family. There are no funny dances or embarrassing stories to share with the one I'm afraid. But because my dad constantly has it on repeat and sings it every 5 seconds around this time it is also, what I class as, a 'dad song' take from that what you will haha. None the less it is a great Christmas tune and really puts you in the spirit with its cosy lyrics and easy listening instrumentals it is a song that really must be played, and Chris Rea gets it spot on, what a great song this is!! 

See you tomorrow for number 3! 

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