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Its The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

- Saturday, 20 December 2014. to read...
Ho Ho H...Hello!

I'm back! Woohoo, and its almost Christmas, one of my absolute favorite times of the year! I have lots of things planned for the new year on here and for my YouTube channel which is exciting so stay alert for that lovely people!

Anyway, ITS CHRIIIISSSSTTMAAAAASSS...well nearly, sooooooo I'm going to give you:

The Unique Lullaby 5 day Christmas Tunage Countdown

Aint I nice. 

So I'm going to be posting my favorite Christmas tracks over the next 5 days and reveal a little bit of context as to why this song is in my top 5, it also will reveal some embarrassing tales of woe so, yeah, worth the read eh ;) And as a little Christmas prezzie (or maybe the coal in your stocking) I'm going to give you a lovely Christmas Vlog on Christmas Eve! So get set for that! 

Ok so the first post will go up very soon so eyes peeled! 
But for the meantime you can enjoy this

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