Lets Open Two Doors Of the Advent Calender Shall We? - Unique Lullaby
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Lets Open Two Doors Of the Advent Calender Shall We?

- Tuesday, 23 December 2014. to read...

So I thought I'd give you two lovely songs in a row, yanno like in an Advent calender when you forget a day and then you get two chocolates at once and its the best day ever?, well this is kinda similar except you can't eat it you just well, read it i guess. 

Number 3:

Merry Christms Everybody is my number 3, the great time-honoured 1973 Christmas banger by the wonderful Slade. Its one of those body swinging songs which gets you swaying in Christmas spirit as you toast the day! I love it and its definitely up there in getting me in the spirit. Especially with its distinctive and memorable melody, arguably one of THE most overplayed out of the lot, but hey its Christmas. We all lav' it really. 
Check out this wicked cover of the song, by local Welsh band Peasant's King.

Number 2

Ahhh my number 2 has to be to lovely Mariah Carey with 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'. Its one that'll be always sang round the house for years! And it is true that everyone knows the words, you can't hide from this one, if somehow you'd never heard it in your life you would definitely find yourself singing along to this one with absolutely no shame what so ever! Mariah in her prime, and she absolutely nailed it! What a song eh! 

So that number 3 and 2 done! What will be my number one? Well I've decided to put it into my Vlog which will be up tomorrow at 7pm. So stay tuned for that and Merry Christmas Eve Eve everyone! 

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