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Will you be quite simply having a wonderful Christmas time?

- Saturday, 20 December 2014. to read...

Number 5

So let's begin my Christmasy countdown with Sir Paul McCartney and Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time

This is the song that sticks in my childhood memory! Released 15 years before I was thought of, this 1979 classic is something that springs to mind immediately when I think of Christmas, not just because of the song itself though. Basically me and my sister, being the crazy crackers we are or santas short of a sleigh (which ever you prefer to think of it as), decided to create this lovely, interesting dance for the family when I was just a little pup at 5 and my sister 10.

 It consisted of the worst 90's outfits you will ever see combined with the sort of dance moves your dad cracks out after the bucks fizz on Christmas day. There was lots of arm waving, spinning in circles and shoulder shaking. Yes of course it was filmed at the time, buuuut I'll leave it to your imagination when you next hear the song.
The mood is right
The spirits up
We're here tonight
And that's enough
(Consisted of pure pointing, yes we were that advanced.) 

Anyway there's number 5 for you! Have a looksie tomorrow for number 4! 

Apologies if this song doesn't make your top 5, but as the Grinch says: 

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