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We love the Welsh local talent we do!

- Wednesday, 14 January 2015. to read...
Trust me we do. I tell you it really is bursting with undiscovered talent which really makes you think 'watch this space'. I have blogged about a few before so feel free to take a browse and see what I've had to say about a few of some of the other great artist here in South Wales.

Anyway, young Welsh singer/songwriter Deri Morgan from Pontypridd has just released his brand new second single 'Ghost of The Night' prior to his Debut 'Alone' released back in October. His new single boasts a really catchy tune along with sleek vocals that put you to mind of Saint Raymond and early Ben Howard. The homemade video really adds to the feel of the song and shows us behind the scenes of the recording process. A different sound to his debut single Alone.

My artist of the month and having my first ever interview and session, of many I might add, is in edit at this very moment! It will be out very soon, keep your eyes peeled.

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