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Sunny Music Sundays

- Sunday, 19 April 2015. to read...
So the sun is out and its so warm it feels like summer not spring! I love it.

I've already started to craft out my summer playlists and I am so glad I can add one of my favorite Irish artists to add to my 2015 list!

Villagers are back with a fantastic new song Everything I Am Is Yours and not only that, I was so  excited to see a brand new album Darling Arithmic, beautifully tilted with such wonderfully written easy listening tracks. Trust me, you put this artist on whilst chilling out outside on a summers day its so easy to get lost in the music. Following two previous albums of the same calibre, the style and genre of these melodic songs never change and is why I have always loved this Irish gem, My favorite album being Becoming A Jackall, this one definitely comes a very close second and is well worth the listen. If you've never heard the music of Conor O'Brien then today is the day. This is defiantly one for my vinyl player very soon!

Have a look at Everything I am is Yours here: 

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