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New Music, New interview

- Sunday, 23 August 2015. to read...
Check out this lovely artist who is currently working on her own original music. Anna does a series of covers on her Youtube channel with this really lovely and angelic little voice of hers. At just 15 she's really trying to get her music out there. She's hoping to get some of her own material out soon so watch this space! 
Here's a little introduction to Anna for you and make sure you follow the links at the bottom to her instagram and channel to hear what she can do! 

1.       Firstly tell me a little bit about yourself?

My name is Anna and I´m a 15 year old musician, singer and actress. People say sometimes I live in another universe. I´m just a daydreamer who wants to change the world with music. 
I think I would die for good music. It´s everything people should know about me. 

2.       What inspired you to start making music?

I think that I wanted to change something in my life and I don´t want to regret my life decision by the time I'm 70. I want to do what I love and nothing more. 

3.       Who would you say you’re main musical influences are?

My main musical influences are Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, James Brown and Willow Smith. In my eyes they are brilliant musicians. But I love musicians who perform on the streets because they have an aura about them.

4.       You have a lovely, angelic voice and have done some great versions of some very well known songs are you writing any of your own songs too?

Thank you so much. Yes I do and  I work hard on it. I hope to release one as soon as possible.

5.       What has been you’re favourite song to cover and why?

Well, at the moment it´s recovery by James Arthur because I was mentally in touch with the song. It sounds a little bit weird but I could identify myself with it.

6.       Where would you like to go with you’re music?

I like this question because it caused me sleepless nights. Haha. My dream was to perform all over the world but that´s a really huge dream and difficult to realize. But the first city I would like to perform is London. Since I was a child I always wanted to sing in the O2 Arena . In front of fans with dancers and a band. That would be a pleasure for me to make people happy.

7.       Are you covering/writing anymore songs at the moment?
Yes, I am indeed. Titanium by Sia.

8.       And finally if you could sing a duet or collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?
I would like to collaborate with Janet Devlin because she has such an unique voice or with Willow Smith because she is different than the other aritsts. But I´m always open for every artist who wants to sing a duet with me .

9.       Where can people listen to more of Anna?

Twitter: Anna Paris @annaparismusic
Instagram: lost_in_the_universe_forever ;  anna_is_a_lost_artist
Youtube: Anna makes music 

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