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- Tuesday, 20 October 2015. to read...

How I got in and
why join the Podium.Me team?
 So interesting story really! I remember applying for another job application in the Media and unfortunately I didn’t get the job, but it is the prime definition  of one door opens and another closes. At the bottom of the application was an advertisement for Podium.Me and I immediately jumped to apply after reading through the website. It was the best door to open and I loved the concept of the whole idea of  Podium and saw a great opportunity. 

Being part of the Podium.Me team was a fantastic decision. I would recommend to anyone wanting to get experience, begin a portfolio or anyone who is just passionate about getting their views across and hearing the views of others, to apply. The connections podium have are great and open up more opportunities than meet the eye. With an enthusiastic team it’s a great way to collaborate and communicate with others as interested and motivated at the same things that you are. Its such an exciting team to be a part of.

II love radio and music, I am passionate about Radio and this is a great way to showcase these two aspects together whilst also practicing my technique in an enjoyable way.

All you need to do is chat to people on the local high street,down the ol' shops, on top of a mountain. Wherever you want to gain views off the people. Whats amazing is you're recording device can be anything from a microphone to a smartphone (easy as that eh) and you're away! Just send it in to Podium and they'll do the rest. You get a weekly brief each week and you can choose you're questions and topic if you so wish or use the topics and questions provided by the team.

 It honestly looks great on you're CV. Being someone who watches the news, there's awful events occurring not only now but all of the time which anger and upset me. This is a great chance to not only specify but to be able to voice you're view on something happening which really passionately encourages you to say you're opinion and feelings along with finding out how others feel. 

You can choose you're podium, and once you have, the world is you're Oyster.  

What have you got out of it socially, professionally, personally?

Well where to start! So my aim in life is Radio, that is my passion and by socially and personally attending events, training days and other opportunities I have spoken to people who are trying to do what I want to do and even began collaborating with a fellow Podium.Me volunteer on some exciting presenting prospects we would like the begin. Being around passionate and driven people in a friendly and conversational environment is amazing! Being able to ask questions discuss different ideas, it's all exciting when you're around creative people all wanting similar goals to you. 

Professionally its been really cool too! Not only have I built up a portfolio of different podcasts but I have also joined the music team and get to do what I love best by interviewing up and coming bands. I have also had an opportunity to work as a presenter with a independent production company for a small project. That was really exciting experience for me to get a professional taste of what I aspire to do. I also  really enjoy speaking to different people on the street and asking them the questions from the brief gaining a variety of different  answers on lots of different topics. 

Honestly if you tell the guys at podium your interests and goals, the team are so helpful and will really try and help you get you're foot in the door any way they can. 

What I do, and how can podium help?

So far I have covered subjects such as Spotify controlling the charts and interviewing many local up an coming bands where I live in Wales, promoting them and giving them the chance for a wider audience to see what they do. I love that podium allows me to do that. I get the chance to practice my presenting  technique through podcasts and a huge platform for my voice. It’s a powerful tool that can get you to the places you want to go. 

In this industry I’ve learnt volunteering is the most important out of everything. I have had countless experience with independent and community radio stations,  Production companies, Student Radio, a week with the BBC and at the Bauer Media radio headquarters. This was all amazing of course! But what Podium enables to a volunteer is continuous, enjoyable work which you can do in your own time to fulfill your passion and begin creating your own portfolio, ongoing experience for as long as you make it! 

And Finally…
So whats you’re voice? Are you passionate about Sport, Music, Politics or you do have your own topic? Podium can get you heard and give you opportunities to grow.
Mine is new unheard music and I’ve continued to grow with different ideas and speaking to different musicians to not only give me a voice but to them also, and to get them on the map.

We all have a passion, volunteer and voice it.

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