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- Sunday, 17 January 2016. to read...
There is so much talent across the world and sometimes you just need to keep you're ears open and you'll find it. I have recently come across some interesting artists in the well known lands of LA, and if you haven't heard about them yet then you'll be pleased you have now!

The Fontaines

This brother-sister (Charlotte and Hank) duo have reinvented a vintage musical genre, which they exude as New-Wop. Hailing from the wonderfully fame ridden L.A, these guys have a really cool unique style to their music which, interestingly, is very conceptual. Their five track EP released back in April 2015 each contains tracks titled by a famous singer or actor and Charlotte herself. The stylization in each track is cleverly collated to produce this raw, retro pop sound which resounds on each track. My favorite of the EP being 'Dusty Springfield' due to the fast paced continuous bass guitar beat combined with harmonious vocals creates a rock 'n' roll pop (or Rock 'n' Pop) feel to this track. The first on the EP 'Paul Newman' giving a very 50's style track with a slight Motown vibe which is really catchy and a great arty pop track. The rest of the EP is just as infectious!


A band hailing from Houma, LA. This quintet is band with interesting instrumentals and an experimental musical style. A showcase of this is in the fantastic track Alarm, which has a fantastic fast paced drum beat which gives this track a slight African back beat throughout. Combined with distinctive vocals from William Mountain, putting you in mind of Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse) with a brighter tone. This post punk band have a really unique style and some great catchy melodies. In particular, another track that stands out for me, is 'Let's Get It Started' is a definite funky rock track that will enthrall you from start to finish. 


Next is Love And A . 38 and this is everything you want from pure old school Rock 'n' Roll. Taking influence from bands such as Aerosmith, AC/DC, Depeche Mode, Queens Of The Stone Age, this is just a little clue as to what you get from these guys. Ryan Hudson showcasing some fantastic gritty vocals with  Clark Skelton on Drums Justin Emord on Bass and Domo Domaracki on Guitar with similar guitar shredding to that of Queens Of The Stone Age. It has that Sexy classic rock sound which definitely can go a miss in some music today. Lots of exciting things ahead for these guys including a new single/video coming very soon. go and check out Rock 'n Lola just to get sucked in to this band Watch and Listen Here.

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