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Forte Project - Free For All Festival

- Thursday, 28 January 2016. to read...
The lights were dimmed the crowd were flowing in, The Moon club was ready for some more acts to grace the stage in aid of Free For All Festival. On the night it was the artists from Forte Project to take to the stage.

First up was HVNTER from Pontypridd.  An electronic act that lyrically combines undertones of Saint Raymond which elude throughout the tracks especially his song 'Blood' which entails singer songwriter connotations with an electronic edge. A really nicely produced set and recordings are sounding strong also.

We then had a completely different genres take to the stage in the style of  Bryony Sier and Kaycee. Bryony in particular showcasing lovely lyrics with soft melodies and echoing vocals which is great easy listening and showed us her really nice progression of different songs. And Kaycee who owned the stage with her confident persona and soulful voice. Each track very personally written and performed with a lot of carefully collated vocal techniques.

As the night went on we had another young singer songwriter, Alex Stacey, take to the stage with wonderfully written heartfelt lyrics and catchy guitar melodies. His vocals sure to give you goosebumps as they reverberate around the room. He recently worked with famous Producer Greg Haver on his brand new songs. Exciting new releases that we all cant't wait to hear. We also had Tomos Seddon who intrpduced us to his brand new band and name Luna Tides who combine lovely harmonies with a very Noah and The Whale style delivery when Tom and Zoe sing together. This folk rock band have some wonderfully written songs which are complimented greatly when performed live.

Bands, Ofelia, Fire Fences, Young Calypso and Upbeat Sneakers all very different genres but all just as powerful. Ofelia showcasing a very traditional Celtic folk vibe combined with a rockier edge gave a big live set and enthralled the crowd as they, no doubt, we're tapping their feet along to the beat. Then Young Calypso and Fire Fences who hail from the alternative rock and indie genres both gave explosive sets with well thought out melodies and really catchy guitar riffs. Both these acts are looking to be do very well in the rock and indie side of the industry and the potential of these two bands is looking to be big. And finally Upbeat Sneakers who closed the event, an interesting genre for a young band to take on but never the less an exciting set which leaves you skanking along. This Ska band have nailed the genre and know how to get the crowd dancing.

All of the acts in the project look to be destined for a great year and lots of success in the future. The range of genres within this scheme is great and showcases just what South Wales has to offer, each act with their unique genres and styles will definitely go far and all very strong!

I caught up with HVNTER, Upbeat Sneakers, Alex Stacey, Ofelia and Luna Tides at the event about what they thought of the project, how its going and their personal future plans.
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