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New Year New Music

- Saturday, 2 January 2016. to read...
So its already 2016, the past year has literally flown by. Last year we saw some great music across 2015 from local and unsigned musicians to hit makers that enter the charts and the airwaves year after year. However a new year leads us to lots of new music. I am going to take you through my 'ones to watch' this year from the local scene here in south wales to some of the acts that have contacted me throughout last year from different parts of the world and the UK. (which was really bloomin' cool for me and a personal highlight)

Oh and before we start I have entered 2016 as a Belieber. How that happened I'm not too sure but Beebs dropped some corkers last year and you all know you can't help but admit you are too...Anyway onto peeling eyes for my ones to watch for this year!

Hailing from the beautiful and picturesque city of Paris fronted by the fantastic and motivated Ori Di Vincenzo. Over the past year they have moved from their realms in Paris to the bright lights of London, currently touring as a four piece and aiming to take London by storm. This melancholic, dark indie artist puts you in the mind of The National mixed with RadioHead. Kori's album Melancholic Debuchery is full of deep melodic riffs and strong back beats. 'Deal With the Devil' particularity showcasing this on their latest release. Interestingly recorded with some brittle vocal techniques giving the song its intended edge. Prior to this Ori wrote an album during a dark period of his life which is where this dark tone and musical image began, an interesting and creative album well worth a listen - Darkness Visible. The band have been working on some new material recently and I personally cannot wait to have a listen. They have lots to offer to the UK and I am excited to see how this year of new music pans out for them. 

Twitter: @kori_official

We're No Heroes 
We're No heroes, a local band from right here in Cardiff had a great 2015 and are set to have an even better 2016 as they are off on a 6 date tour across some major cities in the UK before finishing their final show at the brilliant venue of The Moon Club. After releasing a catchy and captivating EP 'Shiver' back in 2014 which includes the infectious track 'Dark Dive',  the boys came back even bigger in 2015 with two explosive tracks which caught the attention of many including top BBC Radio play. This experimental indie new wave three piece are onto something exciting and very addictive. Newest tracks Voodoo and Stay Weird shows the progression of the music and what we can expect from the coming year. Make sure you get a ticket to catch these guys on one of their UK dates in February, a band not to be missed and well worth a check out. I think these guys are going to go far. 

The band actually formed in Chicago USA and recorded some tracks out there too. 
Cool in' they! 

Alex Stacey
Young singer song writer Alex Stacey is one of the 10 acts to be chosen for the fantastic YPN musical scheme Forte Project. At just 18 he's already released an EP 'Ready For Love' and to add more he is currently honing down on some brand new material in the studio with Manic Street Preachers and Super Fury Animals producer Greg Haver. He's also had lots of BBC Radio Wales air play. Including 'Track of The Week' spins by the likes of Bethan Elfyn. Definitely some exciting releases to come from the young singer songwriter. An artist with mature lyrics and knowledgeable workings of catchy songs. If you like acoustic melodies and relateable lyrics then be sure to check out more and some exciting things to come in the new year for Alex, not only with new releases but lots of gigging with Forte Project. I can't wait to see what 2016 has to offer for this artist. 

Twitter: @alex__stacey

The People the Poet 
Pontypridd rockers The People The Poet are responsible for the fantastic critically acclaimed album 'The Narrator' released back in 2013 which had a Welsh Music Prize 2014 nomination. A band that sets themselves apart from the rest with thought provoking lyrics inspired by real life stories and highly produced instrumentals, puts a professional edge to this rock band. They have played Maida Vale and also were part of BBC Horizons/Gorwelion 2014. 2015 saw radio play from BBC Radio 2, playing the prestigious SXSW in Texas, releasing their own Rugby song 'Match Day' and to top off their year has just been signed to 'Esther Creative Group'  which is home to incredible artists such as Lou Reed, Twin Atlantic, Gaslight Anthem and many more iconic artists. This is looking to be the biggest year for the band yet and its going to be great to see how 2016 pans out for this four piece! So watch this space. 

Twitter: @People_Poet

Peasant's King
Another band hailing from South Wales and the land of Pontypridd is 5 piece alternative rock band Peasant's King.  After having a very successful year in 2015 it is looking as though we can expect lots more surprises in 2016. Over the past year they have toured India playing NH7 Weekender festival, been one of the twelve acts to be chosen for BBC Horizons/Gorwelion which has lead to countless opportunities including playing the incredible and iconic Maida Vale Studios.  Their music written with catchy melodic riffs and unique vocals from front man Daniel Lafrombe. If you like rock music that can make you dance then these guys do the trick! Check out Ninakupena - you won't be disappointed. Over the past couple of years they have given us some seasonal covers such as Michael Jackson's Thriller and Slade's Merry Christmas Everyone, they have had BBC Radio 1 and Radio Wales air play including 'Track of The Week'. Their latest release 'Give a Little Love' stealing many plays. Hopefully another exciting year yet to come for the boys and some exciting new releases. 

Twitter: @PeasantsKing

Traditional folk band Ofelia hailing from South Wales and another of the acts included in the top 10 for this years Forte Project. An interesting take on music and heading back to the pure Celtic roots of old traditional music with modern instrumentation. It is purely a unique genre to tackle for this six piece band but they do it so well. With new tracks being recorded and produced I am excited to see what this unique band have to offer this year! They gave me a great cover of The Darkness' 'Christmas Time (dont let the bells end) on my show last year just showing the diversity of the band and what they can achieve. I am looking forward to lots more live shows and new material from these guys in the coming year. 

Twitter: @Ofeliaband

A female solo act with an incredibly soulful voice. This dynamic 17 year old is definitely well worth a listen. It is nice to see an R&B Soul artist on the scene. Currently writing her own songs and covering some classics such as 'we don't have to take our clothes off'. I am definitely looking forward to seeing how this artist is going to develop in the Forte Project scheme throughout the year. 

Twitter @KayyCee_C

Luk is a male and female duo again on the Forte Project giving us some great electronic tracks. A very interesting artist who is experimental with their music. 'Seashells' in particular is a really cool track with some great visuals and musical techniques. I am really looking forward to what the next release is from these guys and I am definitely going to attend a show. In a recent interview with them on my Radio Cardiff show they have keyed me in to a live show experience which I am told will hopefully include some cool visuals. This act are awesome and honestly you need to check them out, they have innovative creativity and an interesting experimental take on their music. I can't wait to hear more this year.   

Twitter: @00000luk

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