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EP Review

- Thursday, 25 February 2016. to read...
I was recently passed this wonderful EP 'No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk' written and performed by Amy Wadge and it's a gorgeous little five track EP. Amy of course recently won her first Grammy at the 2016 awards this year and rightly so too. 'Thinking Out Loud' was the first single to spend all year in the UK top 40 and became the first single to be streamed over 500 million times on Spotify, becoming one of the most streamed songs in the UK. I'm more than sure it is also a big hit for weddings, its the perfect first dance song for any couple!

The EP is jam packed full of soft delicate tones which allude off of each track. A wonderful acoustic EP as it begins with 'Older' a song which enriches a deeper story. This is self explanatory about getting old and how its unstoppable. 'I can see my mother, the same age as I am now, I know that my mother still hasn't figured it out' A really nice lyric which seamlessly depicts how to learn and experience new things as life goes on. It's a song we can all relate to and a story we all separately tell in each of our lives. With dynamic lyrics which escape straight from the heart onto the gentle guitar riffs, a really nicely written track with lots of relatability and understanding yet still written with such personality. 

Thinking Out Loud is the next up on the EP. Written by Amy and the biggest singer songwriter of the moment, Ed Sheeran. On the EP it is performed by Amy herself and this softer toned version is a wonderful take on the song. It resonates the same sensations of the original sung by Ed, but with a more delicate inflection. And of course, as mentioned, it won a Grammy last week and rightly so as this chart topper reflects 2015's year of music as it filled radio play, downloads and streaming across the nation. A timeless song which will be remembered in years to come. 

It then moves onto 'These Years' and 'One Last Dance' these tracks in particular use lots of imagery and metaphorical en-devours. 'These Years' again playing on the subject of growing old and seeing changes 'These years have made me feel a little older and these years have made me look over my shoulder'. Also alongside this is the next track 'One Last Dance' another greatly written song with  an interesting personal story flowing through the acoustics. 

And Finally we finish with the fifth and final track of this EP, 'No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk', The title track and sung alongside a piano. A solumn song to end and a gentle reconciliation of another tangled relationship. 

It is a lovely EP, written by a lyrically intriguing and clever singer/songwriter who's lyrics appear in some of the biggest and well known artists music across the world.    

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