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Into the Ark - 'Right Track'//EXCLUSIVE

- Friday, 8 April 2016. to read...

Dane and Taylor who hail from the Welsh town of Blackwood, are a duo not to be overlooked.  After meeting and bonding over their love for music and gigging it is definitely a match made in music with their harmonies seamlessly bouncing off one another combined with beautifully written lyrics.

2015 saw their first UK headline tour showcasing their soulful sound which has gained them lots of positive attention. This talented duo went on to support Eliza And The Bear and Model Aeroplanes.

Now even better, here is an exclusive look into the catchy and soulful brand new single 'Right Track' from Into The Ark.

If you liked this be sure to catch them on their Newport to Newport tour and a few festival appearances this coming Spring and Summer. They are definitely a band to watch out for this coming year and after seeing them support Dan Owen a few months back I highly recommend you check out their live set!

I caught up with them ahead of the release of 'Right Track' :

Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves and What inspired you to start making music?

The first thing that made me (Taylor) want to become a musician was watching School of Rock when I just started comprehensive school haha, started getting guitar lessons the week after! Dane was obsessed (and still is) with Maroon 5s album Songs About Jane and that's what made him want to start writing songs 

How would you describe your music to new ears in 3 words?

Soulful Acoutic Harmonies 

Who do you take your musical influences from?

We're love various genres of music but mostly it comes from listening to Folk and Soul music, were massive fans of Otis Redding, Wilson Picket, James Brown and all that sort of era, along with singer songwriters like John Mayer and Dallas Green 

 Is there anything in particular that inspires you to write your music?

Its mainly personal experience. We have spent so much time on the road lately, i think thats given us the most fuel for the fire. Although sometimes we could be watching a soppy movie on netflix and be like bro! lets write...

You recently supported Dan Owen and played some cool gigs over the past year, hows it all been for you?

Yeah supporting Dan Owen was class, we're lucky enough to have the privilege again on the 14th of April at The Hoxton Bar and Grill! We're loved being out on the road so much over the last year, it been great meeting so many differant people and making new mates along the way.  Touring with Eliza and the Bear was amazing, it was nice to play some consistently big venues with big crowds! 

You have lots of exciting gigs lined up for the coming year, how do you feel about the months to come?

We can't wait to get back in the van and start touring again, we're looking forward to playing some cool festivals, we're playing Live At Leeds, Focus Wales, Dot to Dot and Underground Festival. We're hoping to announce some more festivals soon, We're both very excited and looking forward to touring again.

What's been your favourite gig so far?

There's been a handful of standout shows over the last year, supporting Dan Owen in The Full Moon was amazing! Headlining Clwb Ifor Bach was an incredible way to end last year. Playing bigger venues like The Live Rooms in Chester and Guildhall in Gloucester on tour with Eliza and the bear were big standouts so far this year. 

And your brand new song 'Right Track' is there anything you can tell us about this track? 

It's not so brand new haha! We recorded the demo of that song about 4 years ago down in The Boom Boom Room in Newport. Then made it a bit more current last year, after learning a bit more about music. 

And of course your off on tour again very soon, are you looking forward to it?

Yes! We're off on a Newport to Newport tour of South Wales. We've played a lot of Scotland and most of England but haven't played many gigs in Wales for a good few months, it'll be class to play in Le Pub in Newport on May 3rd which will be the first gig of tour, Dane and me used to go there most weekends to watch gigs. 

 Are you writing and recording anything new at the moment? 

We try to write as much as we can, we've also been in a few studios recently demoing some new stuff and it's going well! Really looking forward to realising some more music, and playing some new tunes live.

 Where would you like to see your music in 5 years time?

Hopefully by then we would be a few albums in and playing pretty high up on some major festival bills! Playing shows in the US and Europe would be amazing.

What would be your dream festival to play?
Glastonbury would be definitely the dream festival for us! 

 And finally if you could form a supergroup with three other artists who would it be and what would you call yourselves?

If I could bring back people from the dead I'd pick Janis Joplin, Otis Redding and John Mayer, we could be called Super Trooper haha! 

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