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Atom Tree - Body

- Monday, 23 May 2016. to read...

I was recently sent this track and I am honestly so addicted to listening to it. Introducing Atom Tree, a two piece electronic pop duo from Glasgow.  They recently soundtracked AW15 campaign featuring Cara Delevigne and supported bands such as Glass Animals and Chet Faker. 

Now introducing you to their latest and brand new track 'Body' produced in L.A. The track begins with a slight electro' symphony on the base of the track with the songs lead hook over the top but then it drops and this is when the track needs turning up loud. The switch from those deep melodic vocals to a slightly purer tone works nicely with the flow of the song. We are then treated the catchy hook 'I wanna be you're body' throughout the track and a much bigger beat kicks in, the symphonic arrangement of the electro beat is one that gets you dancing and the entire song has huge chart potential as well as festival legevity. You can immerse yourself as the sun goes down taking you into the nighttime DJ's on those long summer nights. 

                                       Meet Atom Tree

Can you tell us an interesting fact about yourselves? 

Our dads are both called John but we're not related.

How would you describe your music to new ears in 3 words?

Beautiful, Emotive, Banging.

    You’ve had some great song coverage including soundtracking to Mulbury’s AW14/15 which featured Cara Delevigne, how was that for you?

Amazing to soundtrack an advert featuring a global icon. Unfortunately we never got any free bags or to meet Cara but it was a great platform to showcase the music at that point in time. 

 You also supported the likes of Glass Animals and Chet Faker, you must have been a great support slot with these artists?

Yes its great to support artists who are making it in music and it’s a bonus when you are fan of the band as well. Getting the chance to play bigger venues with bigger crowds is always exciting too and helps in building our fanbase as well. 

And now let’s talk new release ‘Body’, how does it feel to release this track?

It feels like a weight off our shoulders to be honest. We’ve been writing and developing for the past year and have racked up quite a number of songs, so we had the problem of trying to decide where would be the best place to start. The sunshine, which is very rare in Scotland, made it an easy decision for us and one day we decided to upload it to soundcloud. The sunshine only lasted 2 days but thankfully people have continued to listen to the track!

  How was it working all over in London, L.A and you’re home of Glasgow? 

Its incredible how many new people you meet and that’s really helped our progress. In London we shared a flat with some top producers and writers and worked at Sarm (now SMV), which has produced some of the biggest songs in recent years. 

   You also worked on music in L.A for 3 months, that must have been amazing?

We feel really lucky. We were out there writing and producing and learning new tricks from some of the top producers in America, it was insane. Its just a different world altogether to us, but an amazing place to make music, its always sunny and I think that’s maybe where Body came from.

 It's had amazing response including over 2,500 plays in 24hours and it now has over 25,000, how does that feel?

It feels great and the hard work over the past year is finally paying off and it also makes you feel your doing something right.

It is such a summer tune and would be the most perfect festival track! Where would be you’re ideal festival to play?

Coachella has always been a dream of ours.

  Have you got any more music in the pipeline for this year?

Yes, really excited to get another song out as soon as possible.

 And finally if you could form the ultimate super-group with 3 other artists, old or new, who would you have and what would you call yourselves?

Bob Dylan,
Thom Yorke,
John Lennon,

No idea what we’d all do as we all play similar things, but would be nice to hang out with these people and be friends. We’d be called “Friends”

Listen to Body and turn it loud!

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