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Forget Last Night//Vince James

- Friday, 20 May 2016. to read...

 I caught up and coming Indie Folk talent, Vince James hailing from Cardiff during a support slot in Undertone for The People The Poet. Normally playing with a band, front man Olly gave us a set with just himself and another guitarist. A set which compiled his gritty vocals alongside heart felt lyrics immersed us into his songwriting and music.  One of the tracks that stood out to me as a new pair of ears to his music was his new single Forget Last Night .

Forget Last Night, produced by Adam Richards, tells a tale of those drunken nights and forgetful mornings that most of us have experienced at least once in our lifetimes. An incredibly relateable song and nicely written. A country-esque folk soaked track with generational lyrics sung with rasping vocals adds a sense of authenticity to the track. A definite set song favorite that is already grabbing lots of attention.  Listening on record after witnessing his music live prior to this has made me enjoy this new song even more. Carried effortlessly live, the carefully collated lyrics has the same catchy effect whichever way you listen. Olly gives us a really catchy strong chorus, immediately drawing you in to join in and bury yourself in memory of your experiences.  Forget Last Night is a strong single from this up and coming Welsh artist.

Forget Last Night shall be released on May 27th and is available for Pre-order on Itunes right now, so if you enjoy the listen, get you're mits on it!  

You can also now catch the video here:

Vince James play 10 Feet Tall, Cardiff, on 27th of May

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