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- Tuesday, 3 May 2016. to read...
Here are some songs and artists who I am loving at this moment in time!
So first things first:

Alex Stacey//Higher Again
Alex Stacey hailing from Caerphilly, South Wales is a young singer songwriter who is already making his mark on the South Wales music scene. After releasing his debut EP last year 'Ready For Love' he has seen a handful of BBC Radio Wales airplay as well as landing himself on the Forte Project (a brand new music launching pad in Wales) plus he had also been in the studio working with producer Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers, Super Fury Animals). It's great to see the progression through his brand new track 'Higher Again'. 

Moving away from the acoustic melodies which flowed through his previous endevours into a much more upbeat, electric catchy new sound. Combining his original talent for song writing with a much more vibrant measure, boasting illustrious guitar riffs and slightly dustier tones to the vocals in parts. Slick, accessible lyrics which could get a new crowd of musical punters singing along instantly. A song which would fit nicely into the summer months to come and a song which would slot in perfectly at a festival. It is a different direction in comparison to what we were fueled with previously but in no way a bad thing, I think this is a great new song from the young songwriter and looking forward for more to come.  

Katie Dean//You Should Know - EP

I recently received Katie Dean's debut EP 'You Should Know' containing four tracks of wonderful  songs. The EP itself is really well produced and rightly so as it was produced & mixed by Lee Smith & Jamie Lockhart (The Cribs, Pulled Apart By Horses, Eaves). Katie has a very infectious Folk/Pop sound with heartfelt lyrics alongside strong melodic beat. She is also taking Radio play by storm after having plays from BBC stations including BBC Introducing as well as Amazing Radio and she has also just played Live At Leeds. With lots more to come for this artist, this is a very strong first EP. 

'You Should Know' has two sides which is splits this EP up nicely,  'Play You Down' and 'Already Gone'  the more acoustic singer songwriter side of this talented musicians EP contain excellently well written lyrics immersing you into a state of relatability. We then move into 'Best Thing' for an infectious pop style melody with a slight twinge of that rockier edge that can never go a miss in a catchy pop style track and of course 'You Should Know' the title track of the EP contains an immediate catchy beat with well encompassed musical choices with the instrumentals. 

All round a wonderful EP and well worth the listen. 

Michael Kiwanuka//Black Man In A White World

By now you will have most likely been immersed into this song somewhere down the line, if not then I am so happy to introduce you to it. This is the brand new track from the fantastic Michael Kiwanuka and in fact the first track he had released in a long time including his album 'Home Again' which was released back in 2012. This track in particular is a song I am absolutely in love with at the moment. It gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. 

There is a rootyness within this record which feels as though it pulls on influences from music of a black origin during the civil rights movement, with the silent clapping beat echoing over the lyrics as well as the strong chorus which harmonizes other voices into the background. This really creates a strength and longevity to this track. A lyrically poignant song that is wonderfully produced and Michael himself with his soulful vocals just makes this track extra special. Not to mention the video perfectly fits with the song portraying it as exactly how it should be. I have been a big fan of him since 'Home Again' came out and I cannot wait for this next album. We've also been teased with title track 'Love & Hate' and 'One More Night' if you haven't heard this track or have and want to hear more take a look at his other new material. 

Tibet//I'll Put You In My Pocket

I recently caught Cardiff based band Tibet in Cardiff city center the other day and I completely loved their set. This four piece are a catchy and fresh sounding Indie pop band with underlining tones of a slight 90's brit pop vibe, but keeping themselves well immersed in the 21st century with inviting lyrical content, guitar riffs that keep the rock alive and a new wave, enticing backing beat. 

I'll Put You In My Pocket in particularly showcases melodic harmonies and infectious tones. If you don't find youreself storing this somewhere subliminally and singing it an hour or so later you haven't listened right.Tibet's new EP release 'Above The Moon' is out very soon. I am definitely looking forward to this one. As Tibet are one of the 12 bands on the line up for this years Gorwellion/Horizons scheme this year festival appearances are coming thick and fast, so far they are announced for some big summer festivals including Latitude and Reading and Leeds. Perfect festival band don't cha' think, Watch this space! 

Stiff//White Denim 

I have followed White Denim since I was 16, in a field with a group of my friends, cider in hand loving life at Leeds Festival. Now their brand new album appeared just a month or so back this year. The first track I picked up was of course HA HA HA HA (yeah) and I was immediately so excited to hear the album and it did not disappoint. Stiff is full of grooves and intriguing guitar riffs combined with bluesy husky vocals. It's an album that really hits the spot and this quartet are always my go to  band to accompany the summer months. Not only does it have a strong rock 'n' roll blusey feel but it has that motown-esque style vocal technique which brings in a slightly funkier vibe to their music. With songs such as 'Take it easy; we are transported from the big beats into a much more easy listening laid back soulful record. Each White Denim album sees a slight progression and move to their music but encompassing their Texan musical style.

Tracks I love:
Holda You (I’m Psycho)
Mirrored Reverse 
HA HA HA HA (yeah)
Take It Easy (Everlasting love)

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