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Welsh Music Wednesdays

- Wednesday, 1 June 2016. to read...

Kicking off  Welsh Music Wednesdays with two football songs. Yes pun intended. UEFA Euro 2016 is on the horizon in just over a weeks time (10th June). So lets have a look at some of the Welsh  artists cheering on Wales.   

Manic Street Preachers 

Together Stronger (C'mon Wales)

Interestingly this song was actually written by the Welsh rockers a decade ago. The band decided to complete the song after Wales qualified for a major tournament  for the first time since 1958 world cup finals in Sweden. So emphasis on the 'C'mon Wales' for this one! The single was released Friday 20th May and the song features some members of the current welsh squad on backing vocals including archive audio interjection. Its got anthemic undertones and easy to follow lyrics which never go a miss in a football song. C'mon Wales eh.

Argument City 

Spirit of 58

Again following the theme of  the 1958 opportunity, Argument City 

from Tredegar have also decided to feature a Welsh football song in 

order to raise money for their favorite Charity Ty Hafan. Another 

catchy little single with all proceeds going toward Ty Hafan. 

Head to Itunes and various other platoforms to grab a copy of the song! 

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