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Broken Hands

- Friday, 22 July 2016. to read...


Can you tell us an interesting fact about you’re selves or one of you’re bandmates?

We all currently live in the same house that is currently looking like a commune/studio/bike garage. Not sure if that interesting for people, just where we are at.

   You also played Canadian Music Week and New York City recently as well, how was that?

We had a great time, it was our first trip to Canada so some ticks off of our bucket lists. We played 7 shows in 4 days at one point so well hectic but that's what there for ayy?

    Do you have a favourite song you’d like to play live?

We are currently doing a cover of Steve Miller 'Fly Like an Eagle' which is always fun, but i always get a kick out playing Turbulence which is currently our closing track.

     And of course you’re explosive debut album was released last year ‘Turbulence’ and an EP in March this year, are you looking to bringing any new material out soon?

We are always working on new material, but the album is released in the states in the autumn so will be doing out there for a while before anything else comes out for sure.

       What has been your most iconic moment as a band so far?

We just played Castlefield Bowl last weekend was our biggest crowd to date, but probably our last headline tour, it was amazing to see people know the songs as it was the first run with album out.

   How has it been having some great BBC airplay and sessions, including Maida Vale?

Maida Vale was immense because you're walking in the footsteps of legends, but at the same time that studio feels like your own on the day, very special place. BBC introducing made that happen so we will always owe them one for that, top people. 

  Where would you like to see your music in 5 years time?

On a plane coming home from a tour of the globe.

What are you mostly looking forward too about Lodestar Festival?

Some of mates who are doing really well played it when they where just about to jump up the ladder, they've always had great words about it. Also we have a few friends who are planning to stay the weekend so we can chill with them, happy days. 

And finally, if you could form a supergroup with 3 other artists, old or new, who would you choose and what would you call yourselves?

Syd Arthur, Band of skulls, Catfish and the Bottlemen, they are all mates of ours. I'd call the band 'Rainbow Face'.

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