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- Sunday, 10 July 2016. to read...

Get Inuit are a four piece Dirty Pop band hailing from Kent. The band self produce, and record and mix all their output including making their own music videos and artwork from their own recording studio in Kent. They have also supported the likes of The Slaves, VANT and PUP as well as having national airplay across UK stations. Great things lie ahead for this band. Watch this space. They play Lodestar Festival, Laura Jane Stage on Friday 2nd September. Let's get to know them!

Can you tell us an interesting fact about you’re selves or one of you’re bandmates?

Oliver has a phobia of corn on the cob. He can't be in the same room as it. He thinks it's an abomination of nature.

Do you have any party tricks/hidden talents?

I can do an impression of the Lead Singer of Smash Mouth - but only the first word of All Star. Then I start to lose it.

For someone who has never heard you’re music before, can you describe you’re music in 3 words?

Audible Hooky Gravel

Where do you take you’re musical influences from?

We all have different interests but I think it's the wave of 90s guitar music (Grunge and Brit Pop) that brings us all together.

You’ve just come off a UK tour including playing with VANT how has that been?

Transplendent. VANT are such lovely chaps and we owe them a great deal for letting us warm up their huge crowds for them!

Did you have a favourite venue you enjoyed playing?

I think Deaf Institute in Manchester was amazing. Great venue and wonderful crowd!

And you’re off on tour again on the 11th of May, are you looking forward?

Yes we are supporting Spring King on their UK tour. It's going to be swell - we love the band so we're going to treat it as free tickets to their shows 8 times in a row.

You’ve also released a couple of songs earlier this year, ‘On and On’ and ‘My Oh My’, what have the responses been like?

Two complete opposite ends of our musical spectrum but both have been equally enjoyed! I think My Oh My is a great live song. It never fails to get the kids grooving. On and On is more of a slow burner but it was really fun to find some depth through different instruments and arrangement.

Are you writing and recording anything new at the moment?

We've spent the last few months spending most of our downtime in the studio working on our debut album. It's all hush hush, but between you and me... It's sounding marvellous.

Where would you like to see you’re music in 5 years time?

Hopefully doing exactly the same thing that we're doing now. Making music and being able to show the world... Perhaps with a snazzier haircut though 

And finally, if you could form a supergroup with 3 other artists, old or new, who would you choose and what would you call yourselves?

We'd snap up our friends Fish Tank, whom we adore, to do all of the hardwork whilst I sit back on a couch by the side of the stage. Perhaps we could get Kate Bush in on the action, if she was bored, to choreograph the live show - with Crazy Frog on lead vocals.

We'd call ourselves - 2 Fazt 2 Furiouz (notice the 'Z's instead of 'S's to avoid copyright infringement.)

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