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- Tuesday, 5 July 2016. to read...
The Hearts are a euphoric, infectious three piece with catchy anthemic songs, hailing from Newport South Wales.  Recently releasing their brand new single Lover's Drug which is an expansive track grabbing the attention of lots of ears. Definitely a band you will want to catch for an enjoyable and catchy music fuled set.


Can you tell us an interesting fact about you’re selves or one of you’re bandmates?

We film and direct our own music videos. First one we did cost us £50 and was shot in Alex’s, our leads singers mother’s kitchen. It’s called Lips, have a gander on YouTube. You won’t believe it only cost 50 squid.

 Do you have any party tricks/hidden talents?

Alex can do that thing where you pile up beer mats and flip and catch them off a table. His record in 28.

How would you describe your music to new ears in 3 words?

Shimmering, Euphoric, Ballsy

And you’ve just released ‘Lovers Drug’ recently, what has the responses been like?

Amazing, yeah. Probably the best response we’ve had so far. Great to finally get it out.

Its also a big anthemic song, whats it like to play it live?

Feels fresh. It’s always great adding a new song to the set. It’ll be a bit of a favorite of ours for awhile.

You are off gigging very soon too! Are you looking forward?

Can’t wait! It’s the ultimate pick me up.  It’s the main reason why we do this. We have the chance to travel the world playing songs we’ve written. There is no better job.

Where would you like to see your music in 5 years time?

Wouldn’t like to put a time frame on it. Just keep doing what we’re doing, but in 5 years time we want to see our selves firm on our feet internationally

Have you got any new releases planned for this year?

We have a follow up single to Lovers Drug coming soon...

Are you writing anything new at the moment?

We’re never not writing. Whether we’re on the road or just walking the dog round the park, our minds are always at it. Actually just stopped writing a tune to answer these questions.

If you were stuck at Lodestar festival and could only have 3 items of survival, what would you choose and why?

Hot water, tea bags and milk. Would be murder if we couldn’t have a cuppa tea.

And if you could form a supergroup with 3 other artist, old or new, who would it be and what would you call yourselves?

Bowie, Costello and The Who and we’d call ourselves “That Line Up Is Insane, Mate”


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