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I N T R O D U C I N G //

- Friday, 12 August 2016. to read...
E T S U K O 

Hello, I'm back from my travels around the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. First off it was an incredible experience and a wonderfully beautiful country with lots of amazing places to see. As I've previously experienced, Europe holds something quite magical and some gorgeous little gems of culture that is well worth seeing, and Croatia in particular has exactly that! 

But all that aside, whilst travelling I stayed in hostels along the way and met some interesting people with different cultures and from all over the world. This is something I love to do as I adore hearing about different cities, ways of life and traditions. 

On these travels I happened to meet a music producer and artist from one of my favorite cities ever;  Amsterdam. I love listening hearing music from all over the globe so here's a post about Netherlands artist Ruben a.k.a  ETSUKO

Taking a look at two of Etsuko's original tracks on Soundcloud alongside some hedonistic vocals from collaborative voice Sarah, you can immediately foresee the quality of the production. Hold Tight conforms with a melodic beat underlined with a laid back hypnotic rhythm. The feel of the song is wonderfully executed throughout the track and nicely picks up with the similar tuneful emphasis at a slightly faster pace. There is a feel of a floating dreamlike state to this specific electronic music. There is definitely a height of potential eluding from these tracks and similarly in Accelerate. Within this track there are some lovely collated lyrics which flow nicely through this harmonic composition. This is slightly more upbeat than Hold Tight but still clings onto the dreamy state of beat.

 In an article speaking about their music making together the duo said 

"Though our discussions about music can be fierce and rational, our songs tend to end up gentle and dreamy." 

Both well produced tracks which potentially could catch on nicely in the electronic musical world but also an artist to look out for in terms of future chart potential. If the production quality is at this level already, it's only going to get better.

Take a listen to ETSUKO here and follow more!

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