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Himalayas // Ecstasy // EP // Review //

- Wednesday, 21 September 2016. to read...

Himalayas, young rockers from South Wales, who say they don't abide to a specific genre, have had massive room for maneuver, conquering some impressive musings over the space of a year. This quartet comprising of Mike Griffiths, Joe Williams, Louis Heaps and James Goulbourne, have only been a band since early 2015. Over this year they have travelled across the UK on a six-date tour around London, Bristol, Cardiff, Brighton, Manchester and Liverpool. They are also set to play the accredited Swn Festival at the end of october.

Their debut EP, Ecstasy, released August 24th is one to check out and shows the explosive sound of this young welsh band. So lets tickle your tastebuds and I'll let you in to what this EP has to offer.

Kicking off with Cheap Thrills which really sets the pace to the EP. A track with attitude and explosive guitar riffs. Cheap Thrills is headed with Punk-esque vocal techniques from frontman Joe and lead guitarist Mike. The lyrics are easy to follow and clear to pick up for a new listener as well as a fan. This is everything you need within an up and coming artist. Its a memorable track which not only showcases the musical talents from Joe and Mike but also drummer James and bassist Louis with melodic drums pacing nicely within the song and a clear big bass sound.  I can only imagine this is definitely a crowd pleaser during a live set.

Next we change to the title track of the EP 'Ecstasy'.This song has a slightly more stripped back sound compared to the introductory track. the vocals and melody feel almost psychedelic and is ranging on more of an indie sound. The verses take more of the light approach until the chorus drops and we are met with those vigorous guitar riffs once again. This track flows very nicely and is a welcoming addition following the introductory track. Lyrically and atmospherically it has much darker undertones playing on the metaphorical feel of drug use. 

'How Do You Sleep' is the penultimate song on this four track EP. This song holds a slightly heavier rock sound throughout the track with guitar slashes from left right and centre combined with Joe's rasping vocals brings back the fast paced ambience. This anthem in particular reminds me, musically, of an old Wolfmother track with the way it presides throughout. Especially when the chorus cuts in and we're again joined with this big explosive sound this quartet are portraying.  Easily accessible lyrics during the chorus with just the simple words 'How Do You Sleep'. Again creating memorability and clearly showcasing some blistered fingers running over those guitar and bass strings. The drums also resonate perfectly to compliment. 

And finally to finish off this resonating EP is 'Intoxicate Me' verging on more of a Sex Pistols sounding track. This is another of their anthems which are full of attitude and longevity and reminds you of why you put the EP on in the first place. The energy and relatable lyrics will, just like Cheap Thrills, have you filled with another dynamic sound to blow off the speakers. This just sets you up to be ready to enjoy a live set from these guys. 

U N I Q U E   R A T I N G  / 5

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