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Tail Feather // Mother Nature // EP Review //

- Friday, 30 September 2016. to read...

Tail Feather produce psychedelic, Rhythmic Bluesy rock which has a really organic sound. They have already supported the likes of Wolf Alice, Fun Lovin' Criminals and the incredible White Denim. I have had the chance to have a sneak listen to their brand new, up and coming, EP Mother Nature. I have to say, I am very impressed. This 4 track EP is out on 7th October, so let's tickle your earbuds as to whats instore.  

Opening the EP with 'Carnation', a very Beatle-esque style track beginning with just echoing lyrics exclaiming the lines "its cold and dark, at night at home" which showcases the psychedelic sound we are going to hear throughout the track. This flows nicely into some funky bluesy guitars which follow. Its an incredibly groovy track which fits interesting musical developments into 3 minutes. We're hit with some wonderful rhythmic guitar riffs during the verses and some great vocal techniques within the chorus.

We are then joined with title track 'Mother Nature' which continues this catchy bluesy sound that puts you in mind of some classic Jimi Hendrix feels. Lyrically this track is very catchy with the chorus vocalising the title of the song "mother nature". You can hear slight influence of fellow tour mates 'White Denim' in this song but nonetheless Tail Feather still manage their own musical twist on this rhythmic anthem.

Mixing it up a bit, there is a change in pace when we reach next track 'Alright, Alright'. Here we are joined with fast rhythmic drumming amongst fleeting guitar riffs that change their tempo as the track flows on. Still with bluesy undertones, we loose the groove slightly in this penultimate melody and a slightly more stripped back vocal technique, but it just works.

Finally, we end with moody feeling track 'Rain Dance'. Drawing on a more solitary tone, it is nice to end on a more melancholy song. This EP certainly puts you through the musical paces with a unique sense of rhythm to each track. Lyrically this track verges on an early Oasis sensation encompassed within their uninterrupted stylized music. A wonderfully melodious end to the EP.

This five peice are surely talented musicians and lyricists. It's an EP that puts you through the sensations with each track encompassing a specific stylisation and emotive progression. You can hear the influences flowing through each of these four anthems but Tail Feather put their own sweet-sounding twist to their creation.

U N I Q U E   R A T I N G

RELEASE DATE: October 7th 



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