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- Friday, 2 September 2016. to read...
Them Things

Newcastle based quartet are ones to definitely watch out for. After having success from their last EP 'Oh Brother' and recent single 'Mythomania' they have gained credits from BBC 6 Music and Annie Mac's Hottest New Tracks List. This alternative band of different cultures including British, French and Russian, are currently unsigned but absolutely rocking it. Having supported and played alongside Catfish and The Bottlemen, Maximo Park and Little Comets. Over the summer they have played a number of shows across the UK finishing in Le Pop in Paris. It's only a matter of time until this band go from unsigned to signed, sealed and delivered. 

I caught up with the band to tell us more about themselves and their experiences as a band so far:

Can you tell us an interesting fact about yourself and do you have any hidden talents?

I have no tonsils🗣

Hidden talents?

I can regurgitate a full grape once swallowed.

Failing that, tonsils.

As a band yourselves you have an interesting background fuelled with different cultures from across Europe within your band, how did you form as a band and does this impact a unique creative output? 

I met Ilya Tarnopolskiy (guitars,keyboards) in a train station when I had too much to drink and missed the last train. He let me stay in his house. We ended up recording strange songs together. Tom came along later when he asked me to play guitar on a song he was recording. Jack popped up out of nowhere. It's definitely interesting as everyone has a different taste in music with coming from different backgrounds. Ilya's experience with pop culture is very recent and not something he grew up with, so he is very dismissive and not as easily influenced which is a really rare and interesting trait in today's world. You could show him the latest hyped up record and he could just shrug his shoulders. Sometimes the content can be fluffed up with hype and hot air which overlooks the art or content. Ilya sees through a lot of that bullshit. We have landed on our sound as somewhat of a compromise between each other's listening tastes.

How would you describe your music to new ears in 3 words?

Oh Shit Dawg!

Just to kick off the musical questions, Mythomania, what a tune! It is of course you’re latest track, what is the inspiration behind the song?

MYTHOMANIA started with that horror movie riff and then I wrote loads of verse for it. It was a strange way of writing. Lyrically it explores some relevant ideas relating to the disingenuous nature of life. We are lied to from day one. Everyone is living their own perception of that lie. DEEP!

And what have the responses been like?

The reception has been great so far. Annie Mac took the song for her hottest new tracks list on Radio 1 which was pretty cool. We have had recent growing interest from BBC6 Music as well which is great.

The video concept is really interesting in itself for Mythomania, yet so is ‘Oh Brother’, do you have input into these unique concepts? 

For the videos I wanted to re create that feeling I used to get watching MTV2 and taping my favourite songs and watching the videos intensively (just me?) So they had to be striking and do the songs justice as well. I came up with the basic ideas for both then worked with Ross Anderson the Director of both, who is a genius in what he does. He is a really clever guy and knows how to get the most out of what he's given. Muchos respect for him.

Theres a slightly different sound coming from Mythomania compared to you’re ‘Good Weird’ EP. Do you feel you’re music is always evolving? 

When we made Mythomania it was a case of "okay guys I have this song and it sounds fuck all like anything else but I can write some heavier tunes to go with it" So that's what I did. It's a lot of fun to play this heavier style and we have tried to amalgamate the two sides of our sound. Astronauts for instant is somewhat of a bridge between the dreamy ethereal side of the band and the more aggressive frustrated themes I sing about.

You’ve been playing with the likes of Catfish And The Bottlemen recently as well, that must have been awesome?

We love Catfish very much, Johnny Bond (guitarist) is my best friend and being able to play shows with your best mate and watch him do what he does best just makes me very happy. Having their fans listen to our music is also very special. I feel like some of their fan base wouldn't normally be pointed to bands like ours and for them to embrace us in the way they have is class. 

You’ve also been all over the UK playing some shows, how has it all been?

The shows we played in The UK have been great and stressful in places. It's great seeing people's reaction in a different city and its almost a blank canvas to start making an impression on. It has definitely re energised the band into playing live. We can't wait to go back out and give them round 2.

What have you got coming up over the next year, any new music on the way?

As far as what's coming up for now we are concentrating on this album. We record everything ourselves on the house we live in together. Recording at home has its pros and cons but for me, right now, it's perfect. Your not on anyone's time and you can hang around one specific thing for as long as you like. Which as you can imagine can be a pain when you get lost in the juju.

And finally, if you could form a supergroup with 3 other artists, old or new, who would you form with and what would you call yourselves?

Supergroup. That's a hard one. Warren Ellis (Dirty ThreeNick Cave and the Bad Seedsand Grinderman) would definitely be there. He's a multi instrumentalist and An all round dude. He is a good cook apparently as well. Then I would have Steven Drozd from the Flaming Lips on drums. He was their original drummer and his drumming style is pure 70s big drum sound. He is the genius behind that band and seems like a great musician to work with. This last choice is why I was late replying to this interview. I would have to go with this guy called Paul Buchannan. He was in a band called The Blue Nile in the 80's. He released a solo record that I am in love with called Mid Air. He has a crooner style voice that can be pushed into an intense, arms stretched out, cry for love.

We would be called Forever Panther.





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