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EP Review // Loud Mouth Machine // Shades Of Blue

- Saturday, 15 October 2016. to read...
Loud Mouth Machine are a duo hailing from the bright lights and market filled streets of Camden. Shades Of Blue holds lots of melodic beats with some carefully pitched vocals and each track has their own unique quality. 

The EP kicks off with title and dream like melody filled track Shades Of Blue. This song in paricualr encompases a nice new wave electro-indie feel with catchy funky undertones during the verses. Vocally this track showcases raw identifying lyrics and techniques that put you in mind of a trance-like Jamie T track mixed with some Grizzly Bear. Its a great sombre start to the EP and sets you up for a pace change in track 2. 

History In The Making is the next track to follow. Flowing and pacing nicely after the title track, we are met with slightly slower and more electronically based melodies. With easy to follow lyrics the beginning of this song in particular meets up with some haunting echoing vocals alongside a soft electronic riff which then bursts finely into the verses. The chorus gives us a slighter more upbeat pace with 'She said kick back, I say relax, she said kick back and then you throw it in my face again' - a line cleverly measured within the music to get it it linger in your head for a while. 

The penultimate one on the EP brings us Honeycomb. This is my personal favourite out of the four. It's clear to see the musical talents within Loud Mouth Machine especially when we are met with some more funky undertones and slightly jazzier feel to this track.  This one has definitely been stuck in my head after the first listen. It shows that they can encompass lots of different musical aspects and combine them together into something unique and exciting. Honeycomb for me is the stand out track of the EP. 

Interestingly we finish our ears onto an artistic spoken word expression. 'Addictive' tells the story of an argument between a couple and the feeling that's left during and after. A short track, just 1 minute 37 in length but successfully portrays the image and story it holds with a mellow musical undertone. 

Shades Of Blue definitely takes you on a journey during the four musings we are met with. It's a nicely produced EP with songs full of some interesting themes with an intriguing unique conclude on the final track of the EP.


//October 30th//



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