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- Wednesday, 1 February 2017. to read...
I recently collaborated with a local casual fashion brand from South Wales, TRUFRNDS, who has some crazy cool designs and a range of different clothes up for sale at the moment! I was super excited to be able to sample these designs especially for Unique Lullaby. For me, fashion and music go hand in hand. Over the years my fashion and style has changed, massively, depending on the music I listen to. From 90's grunge, pop rock, punk to 60's inspired vintage clothing. Trufrnds uniquely combines their own style with almost 'band merch' inspired styling for the everyday wear. You can team these T-shirts and sweaters with anything from jeans to a dungarees to a skirt and suitable to wear for anytime of the year. It's 100% Unisex which is something I really invest in with this brand so the clothes are you're oyster. I love these designs and totally encourage you to purchase these great quality clothes. 

Head down to check out what's in store and also an interview from the Designer - Emily Hicks. We talk everything from inspirations to music tastes to clothing goals.

Sweater Weather Moth Crew Neck




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