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- Friday, 28 April 2017. to read...
HMS Morris are back and hitting back hard with their musical charms. The Welsh Psychedelic pop duo bring their first new single since successful album release 'Interior Design' and jump in with Morbid Mind / Arth (Double A Sided Single)

Morbid Mind isn't just you're everyday linear song, it's a track that takes you on its very own journey and tantalizes the mind. Its drenched in psychedelic pop which quickly switches to galloping rock riffs and harmonic vocals. The pace change throughout is admirable with power-pop infused, almost Blondie-esque, vocal techniques flowing excellently towards the chorus, where we are melodically met with the title of the record. From mind bending synths to spoken word that takes you on the psychedelic adventure, its a lyrical play on Morbid which can be expressed heavily with obsession, insanity, even death. Interpretations a-plenty. 

It's the perfect record for any playlist to blast in the sun. An incredibly innovative anthem and soaked in pure 'HMS MORRIS' style. It's an addictive belter which sets us up, for hopefully, a year of new tunes from this talented duo!

There's nothing quite like it at the moment, it's super hooky!

Welsh language single 'Arth' is infused with gorgeous harmonies, soft melodies. Takes you almost on a spiritual journey of storytelling: "'Arth’ (Welsh for ‘Bear’), is a tribute to an animal associated in cultures around the world with spiritual strength, courage, and harmony with the cycles of the Earth." 

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