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Flamingods // EP Review // Kewali // UNIQUE LULLABY LOVES

- Wednesday, 14 June 2017. to read...

Flamingods seamlessly have done it again. Initially a former solo project by main vocalist Kamal Rasool, Flamingods' formation was due to an 8 hour impromptu jam session at the Animal Collective curated ATP Festival back in 2010.

This rooty, psychedelic quadruplet and their ever crossing cultural styles that flow zestfully, intertwining through jungles of bassy undertones and encapsulating instrumentals, grace us with new EP "Kewali" out on label Moshi/Moshi & released on May 26th.

These forward thinking musicians of fresh musical arrangements have birthed a blinder of an EP which will tantalise all the musical senses.

The EP begins with 'Mixed Blessings' where we are quickly joined with some afro-drum ornamentation before we are then fully submerged into a bassy groove and Rasool's 90's grunge feeling vocals sailing graciously over the continuing symbols and afro beats. The bridging rhythmic groove of 'Mixed Blessings' sets the pace and experimental and tantalising musical expectations for the next four musical explorations. It's 4:21 mins of musical enchantment. 

We are then joined by 'Bhima', one of my favorites on the EP and a Unique Lullaby Loves track! The rhythmic drum lining this record draws you into an unexpected turn when a middle-eastern melodious pace changer kicks in with some under the radar subtle chants. An interestingly captivating listen as it takes you on a journey of musical measures. It's a 5 minute epic of gliding strides until we clash into some lackadaisical vocals hailing above the tempo and instrumental changing drum rhythms, from psychedelia to afro inspired vibes. I adore the journey of the track, on the first listen, you become enchanted as to where the music will take you next. Bhima is such an intelligent track! 

From those quick tempos we fall deeply into title track of the EP 'Kewali'.

"It's something we felt particularly passionate about whilst writing the ep, given the uncertainty felt by so many around the world right now"

It's a beautifully crafted, gentle, ambient, psych-infused anthem.  A very personal song for the band and much more vocally engaged, as Kamal intercuts soft dream like melodies and articulated songwriting which statically follows the same tone throughout. Cleverly infusing a new feel to the song as the pace changes halfway, where only then we encounter some falsetto verging techniques. Wonderful melodic record. 

"It's a song about love and the spaces between us, both physically and emotionally" 

 The EP finishes on 'Mixed Blessings - Club Mix' but this time we are focused solely on the instrumental grooves and underlining synths which are heightened to a whole new level. An intricate idea to round off the EP smoothly. 

And if they couldn't be anymore innovative, there is also a super trippy game for 'Kewali'.  Check it out. Its awesome! 


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