TOM WARDLE // ONE LAST KISS // EP - Unique Lullaby
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- Monday, 12 June 2017. to read...
Tom Wardle, hailing from Nottingham drudged up some old flames with EP written 3 years prior about previous girls he's loved in his life. Everything from the instrumentals to the lyrics are written and performed solely by Tom himself. 

The EP is inspired by Steve McQueen by Prefab Sprout which is one of Tom's favourite albums.

Each song tells its unique story of the memories, trials and tribulations of each relationship. The songs seek a reassurance and a variety of different themes in love's loss and hope. One Last Kiss begins with Front Seat of My Car and transcends through to Young Love Never Dies. Although each story is uniquely set to that setting and time period, the EP cleverly follows an interesting linear structure which almost feels as though the story is told from beginning to end through three tracks. 

Its an interesting take on one person's experiences and a personally written account over some nicely crafted guitars and catchy drum tempo beats and Tom encapsulates each situation personally and effectively. 

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