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- Friday, 23 June 2017. to read...

Georgie Keller has unveiled infectious new pop brewer  'Vibe'. In its simplicity, it's a raw take on your typical run of the mill pop record.  

Starting out at the age of 10, he received his first guitar for his birthday. After copious YouTube tutorials he started a band with his friends at 13. His songwriting began when he enthralled all his energy into writing personal life experiences that affected him at the time.  As life moved on, so did his band but his thirst for music continued and the rest is history. 

'Vibe' takes you straight in with some soulful feels and simple pining back beats for a bar or two before we are transcended into bubbly strong guitar strums.The simplicity enables us to peel back to the purpose and feel of the track and this is what makes it so encapsulating. The catchiness of the record is down to the emphasis on the lyrics and that encompassing hook 'I Like, The Vibe Like'. The amplified energy and power to the arrangement of the song really puts him at the forefront of expectation of a whole bunch of musical nuggets to come.    

The slightly distorted vocals over a really stripped back beat, WORKS! This debut to the musical endeavours to come from Georgie Keller is exciting, he's a definite one to watch this space with. 

Musically driven and  hard working. Keller is just at the beginning, he already has songs under his belt to throw at the world one by one. All he wants to do is make music, he doesnt have a limit or a comfort zone to stick to, the musical world is his oyster and it sounds like he will aim to seize it one record at a time. 


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