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- Sunday, 16 July 2017. to read...

Mesmerizing psychedelic three piece My Baby return to our earwaves with third studio album 'Prehistoric Rhythm' out in the UK on August 11th via Glitterhouse Records. 

 It's an album full of infectious rhythms that will charm your mind under full My Baby control. 

My Baby have the beautifully crafted talented of fusing acid infused hypnotising drum beats with o' so encompassing roots of bluesy psychedelia, amongst glowing invigorating songwriting.  The rhythmic patterns will infuse an indent on your mind for weeks. 

This album takes you on a journey and tickles all the imaginary senses. Beginning with gorgeous bluesy infused track 'Electrified' kicks the album straight into those eastern european drum beats permeated with a foot stomping bass beat. The distortion of the vocals from Cato van Dyck throughout the track is spine-tinglingly mesmerizing. It takes you off to another time and place. The rhythmic flow of this record is just wonderful. Sheik, Cato and Daniel “daFreez” Johnston intersperse this elegantly through 6 minutes and 38 seconds of musical musings.   

My Baby know no boundaries when mashing up sounds and this is what makes it sound so massive. 'Same Wave' kicks in next with a wonderful bluesy drenched intro which continues throughout the record alongside a deep slow bass beat. Cato's vocals again flow effortlessly over the track with aesthetically fiery poetic lyricism.  

The journey of the album is enthralling. 'Love Dance', 'Cosmic Radio' and 'Ancient Tribe' set a brand new pace to the album. 'Ancient Tribe' in-particular brings in a brand new feeling. Its impossible to sit still, it's drowned a body jerking rhythmic instrumentals and transports you into you're own little dream world of acid infused melodies. 

Other notable tracks for me include 'Make A Hundred', if the Alabama Shakes had a musical love child with a dessert load of  psychedelia, this is what it would sound like. 'Luminate' and 'Haunt Me' concentrates on beautiful vocals and hypnotic drum patterns. 'Sunflower Sultra' takes on a sultry summer vibe, the perfect festival track for those chilled back moments with a cider  reflecting on desire. 

The album is a triumph and you will not be disappointed. It hits all the senses and musical feels through 13 magically produced tracks. 

I caught up with MY BABY: 

‘Prehistoric Rhythm’ is about to drop on August 11th how are you feeling about getting your third album out there?
Very excited. 

The range of different sounds and musical flows within the album are wonderful, what was your writing and recording process like when creating the journey of this album?
We started off with jams in our own studio 'cracksound' and stuff we have developed live in the past year. We singled out different feels and themes from those sessions and sculpted the songs from that musical fabric.
Our idea for the recordings was to try and emulate our live sound as much as possible and allow for a fair bit of improvisation. That accounts for some of the material being less structured in a trad song sense  and more focused on developing a journey. 

 The enchanting tribal melodies create visuals in themselves and definitely sparks imagination just through the rhythmic patterns, how do you heighten this in a live set?
If its an energetic show you tend to accentuate certain rhythms and melodies that people connect to.
At bigger shows we add visuals that helps to tell a story and provide the audience with a backdrop to set a mood. 

 You were also the first ever Dutch band to play Isle Of Wight Festival main stage this year, that must have been a great feeling?
It was a great honor considering the history of the event. We listened to many 1969/1970 bootlegs in the past from the likes of Bob Dylan, The Who and Hendrix amongst others. Great that they revived the fest in recent years.

You’ve also been busy at lots of festivals such as  Glastonbury and Pinkpop and gearing up for a series of gigs and festivals all over the summer, how are you feeling about all of these shows and how has touring been so far? 
We've been busy on the summer festival circuit for years. So we are always geared up for it when it kicks off. So far it's been great to play to some big crowds. Its a bit of a mission to pull it off as a three piece. Glastonbury this year was our 2nd time there and once again a memorable able occasion. 

Finally, you’ve also gained great critically acclaimed airplay from the likes BBC 6 Music, Beats 1 and Radio 2, which is all super exciting, how are you feeling about the year ahead? 

Very positive. Our song 'Cosmic Radio' has done really well on radio. Particularly in the UK. Thats pretty amazing for us. Hopefully that attention is going to spark some further attention and get people up for our autumn UK tour.

August 3rd, 2017 – London - STYX
August 4th, 2017 – Oxfordshire – Wilderness Festival
August 26th, 2017 – Northamptonshire – Shambala Festival
September 8th, 2017 – Dorset – Bestival
September 10th, 2017 – London – OnBlackheath Festival


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