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- Tuesday, 26 September 2017. to read...

Around this time last year I had a chat with Only Shadows in Cardiff during their UK headline tour around the release of 'Too Late'. Without a label the boys sold out  many of their headline dates and collectively rack up 400,000 Spotify Streams as well as supporting the likes of Coasts, Fatherson, Saint Raymond & more. This year we are met with brand new, belter, of a track 'Fight Milk' which completely showcases some hard work and a brand new direction from the Midlands lads over the past year.

'Fight Milk' comes with some spicey pop undertones, feisty vocals and electrifying guitar riffs. If you've had a listen to Only Shadows before this track, it may have come as a shock, but a shock full of electric energy. The track opens the road to whole new avenue of feels for the quartet and they have clearly been working hard behind the scenes with Bruce Rintoul (Fatherson, Twin Atlantic). It's an incredibly catchy record with a lot of addictive flow. Nick Ashby's vocals wrap gracefully around Ben and Alex's bass and guitar riffs. Only Shadows always encompass a catchy drum melody from Paul who adds the final layer to their records. 'Fight Milk' is an exciting start to a new musical turn from the Nuneaton lads and I am really looking forward to new material with hopefully lots more to follow. 

Check out the track below:


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