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Unique Lullaby's Sound Of....

- Wednesday, 6 September 2017. to read...

70s & 80s

HEY HEY, Its back! 
And following on from a post I did a year ago on my 'SOUND OF THE 60'S' I decided it was about time I tackled the next eras of music close to my heart. So here are some of the albums, artists and tracks which have filled up my musical playlists growing up and expanded my love for all things music and becoming that music geek I am today.

So lets kick off  and have a chat about one of my favourite bands, Blondie. Blondie are a band that not only inspired me musically but in terms of fashion. The first time I ever heard Blondie was on the radio and it was their version of 'The Tide Is High', previously heard on my Atomic Kitten album which didn't quite have the pizazz I needed in my musical life quite frankly. I loved that Debbie Harry was fronting this rock band in all sorts of awesome and her fashion was BADASS! It was her 70s style I adored growing up and she is the reason I love my leather jackets, striped tshirts, band shirts and mom jeans.  Not only that but the reason this wonderful band are special to me is because after years of sifting through my parents vinyl collection and badgering them to buy a new needle for their old turntable, I finally got my own record player for my 18th birthday and the Parallel Lines vinyl was the first to grace the spin and I am so happy it was!

I have top three favourites on this album. First it's 'Just Go Away' . I loved and still do adore how this song is just full of angst and full of attitude. As a person who grew up pretty passive, singing this made me feel BOSS. The guitar riffs resonate with me on this one and those spoken word, almost punk infused, vocals in the chorus amplify the lyricism of the song.  Next 'I Know But I Don't Know'. The intro to this track with that acidically infectious melody is perfect and then we're joined with the creatively enhanced vocal chats and not forgetting the cheeky guitar riffs alongside some strong bass interludes. Perfect. And finally 'I'm Gonna Love You Too', this is my walking on a sunny day song and the aesthetics of this track just never fail to put a smile on my face. 

And of course 80's Blondie is not to go a miss with belters like 'Heart Of Glass', 'Atomic' and one of my personal favourites and the first No.1 song in the U.S to feature rap vocals; 'Rapture'.

Sticking with the American theme but in a different context let's 'av a look at Bruce Springsteen. 

Notably the man who has one of my favourite voices in the music industry during these eras, Bruce Springsteen was someone who I heard a lot about growing up. 'Born In The USA' was the first track I ever heard by Bruce Springsteen, and as it being one of the biggest of his hits to date, it was impossible to not hear it on a regular basis. Those gritty vocals and the honest storytelling in his music just makes Brucey so relatable. I bought this album, Born In The USA, from an old vinyl store in Cardiff for 70p and the 80's feels flowing outta' those speakers is just perfection. From 'Dancing In The Dark' to 'Glory Days', it makes me want to be in an 80s disco side stepping with the synthy guitar entwined goodness. I've always adored the lyrics 'Can't Start A Fire Without A Spark, This Guns For Hire, Even If We're Just Dancing In The Dark'. It is the the lyricism that is a big part to Springsteen's music that I connect with the most. Whether it's the strong storytelling in 'The River', The realisation in 'Hungry Heart', that big guitar solo with the gorgeous saxophone in 'Badlands' or feeling a song which feels penned there and then with 'Atlantic City' which has that spine tingly harmonica reminiscing with the melodies. He has become one of my favourite artists and he is there for any mood. 

I could write about Bruce and Blondie forever so let's move on! 

Have you seen her or have you heard? There are some amazing british artists that fill up my 70's and 80's feels too!

You might have seen where I was going with that one, or NOT! Either way, I am a huge lover of The Stone Roses and this album in particular! Right on the cusp of that late 80's early 90s era, this 1989 self titled debut from the Stone Roses is a belter. Growing up in the midlands, so close to that northern scene, I have always been infatuated with those nasally vocals and that Prog Rock style, especially in 'Fools Gold' and 'I Am The Resurrection'. 'Fools Gold' in particular I could replay for hours, the flow of the song and the underlying bongos throughout is just so addictive. Lets not forget when it breaks down into that infectious euphoric melody towards the end. However one of my favourite 'Roses tracks comes from 1987 and that is 'Sally Cinnamon'. That twangy guitar opening, the record that spun my love for the band and it's super fun to sing out loud. 'Pop, Pop, Pop, Blow, Blow Bubblegum

Back to this album though my top three tracks. 

'She Bangs The Drums', the bassline and lyrics in this record are just perfect. The simplicity of this particular track is what makes it so satisfying 'Have you seen her, have you heard, the way she plays there are no words, to describe the way I feel'. Next 'Bye Bye Bad Man'. I love the psychedelic undertones in this song, it almost has a bit of a sixties feel in parts with a nice pacing, its a head shaker of a track. And finally 'Waterfall' just purely for the admiration of 'She'll carry on through it all, she's a waterfall'. Lazy Sunday song sorted. 

If someone said to me, “Hand me a vinyl that screams the 70s to you” I personally would choose this one. Fleetwood Mac, Rumours.  Whenever I think of the 1970s this artwork pops into my head.  Rumours of course is the home to some of the bands biggest and most iconic songs. Again looking at females in the Rock Music industry is what I loved to delve into growing up and Stevie Nicks is a queen!  Her songwriting and style, always strong and mystical, that's what I was inspired by the most. This album is another which sits perfectly on the ol’ turntable. Especially as its an original, unremastered, untouched version. ‘Songbird’ just flows gorgeously through the speakers and just lifts the band even more. Songwriting is so important in my musical listening and tracks like ‘The Chain’ and ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’ with those harmonies is just 70s nuggets. ‘Don’t Stop’ has the ability to lift my mood from 0 to 100 and is a key to my happy playlists. 

Now we can't do all of this 70's and 80's m'larky without talking about the one and only QUEEN! As soon as I heard Freddie Mercury when I was around 5 years old I just knew he was one of a kind and that voice is just unbeatable on so many levels. I think it is physically impossible to any human to have not gotten a Queen record hurled into their eardrums at some point. I adore spinning this vinyl far too much. It's of course their 'Greatest Hits' that has been passed down to me from my parents record collection but it holds Queen and their absolute champion hits. I am going to keep this as brief as possible, I adore Queen so I'll try and choose just a few tracks. 'Crazy Thing Called Love' Brian May's guitar riffs on this is just gorgeous throughout, it always reminded me of an Elvis Presley vibe during the vocals, very 50s feeling. 'Another One Bites The Dust' is just a track full of attitude and one I have always played full blast, blistering volume, bobbing to that infectious bass, what an absolute tune. Not forgetting 'You're My Best Friend' boasting those summery harmonies, perfect for a picnic, sandwiches, pork pies, the lot, sat on a rug in a field of daisies. Sorted. I've always adored the flow of 'Killer Queen', it's just insanely satisfying. The poetic flow of the lyrics just float off the tongue 'She's a Killer Queen Gunpowder, Gelatine, Dynamite with a laser beam'. 

But my absolute top three has to include     'Bohemian Rhapsody' it is just undeniably one of the most   iconic and just a maze of a song. You get absolutely lost in the changing rhythms every time you hear it. The song has so many twists and turns in it its just a masterpiece. Next 'We Will Rock You' it reminds me of dancing around my living room when I was younger  and also it would come on in my school discos and everyone would just become a rowdy little whipper snappers and pretend to kick cans. I'm pretty sure we'd even get into two lines and act out the lyrics to the other side. It gives you that angsty attitude and I love that a song can do that!  'Blood on you're face, You big disgrace, Kicking your can all over the place' and 'Don't Stop Me Now'. What a song. End of. 


To finish off my post I can't sign off without mentioning three of my favourite icons in the music industry of this era. I don't own vinyls of these three which I am very surprised about, especially as my parents were big fans of the first man I am about to shpeel a load of musical love towards. But they are on my 'to buy' list without a flicker of a doubt.

Lets start with. The man. The legend. David Bowie. Bowie is an artist I absolutely adored growing up listening to and his attitude to being himself always inspired me. Music is all about being creative and he took that to a whole new level. I've always found that such an inspiring way to be. Where to start with this one.'Changes', is my earliest memory of a Bowie track. It was blasted through my living room on a regular Sunday morning growing up and since then I was hooked. Since then I just delved so much deeper into his music. The first time you hear a Bowie track is special because you really get lost in this seriously unique entirety. He can take you through all the senses and his music is just insanely cinematic. From signature songs like 'Space Oddity' all the way to those grooves in 'Let's Dance'. To release so many albums and to have that unique ambience on all of them is just what makes Bowie so addictive. Album 'Hunky Dory' holds one of my favourite tracks of all time from the likes of 'Life On Mars?' It's just delightful how it's like you're digesting a film with your ears, which is why I think it's so damn listenable time after time. Moving on in time and you're met with Aladdin Sane, the home to 'Jean Geanie' and 'Watch That Man' two tracks with those Rock 'n' Roll super feels. He can take you from two extremes and that's what I love the most about his music, even from the first listen. Such an iconic hero and musical pioneer. There are so many more to mention, he's just an artist who will forever be in my collection and plays a huge part in my musical playlists forever and always will. 

Here are a list five of my top Bowie tracks that appear on all my playlists and because three is just impossible (5 is pushing it too to be honest).  I could go into detail about each of these tracks but, it'd be a looooong read.

1. Heroes
2. Rebel Rebel
3. Ashes To Ashes
4. China Girl
5. Star Man 
(plus the tracks mentioned above)

Next is Prince. I actually picked up Prince later in life. I, of course, new the hits but I was around 18 when I delved into so much more. I went way past 'Purple Rain' to dive into  tracks like contagious groove infused 'Kiss' to full albums like 'Around The World In A Day' with 'Raspberry Beret', 'Temptation', 'Tamborine', this album hold some seriously infectious satisfactions. That voice at the forefront of it all drenched in those 80s synthy sound beats. 'Let's Go Crazy' and 'When Doves Cry' are just two that have always sat so well with me. And of course you can't talk about the purple era'd god and those particular records without speaking about 'Purple Rain', both an incredible album and title track, an incredible musical conquest with those tunes sticking with you immediately after you've listened. 
I love the funk infused Prince tracks the most, they get that neck bopping and I love walking down the street with this blasting through my headphones, try it. You feel on top of the world. My top three street strutting Prince songs
1. Pop Life
2. Kiss
3. Temptation  

He now has a Pantone Shade of Purple named after him too,  'Love Symbol #2' 

And finally in continuation of my talks about The Velvet Underground in my last post I can't talk about these eras without one of my favourite icons Lou Reed. Reed's unique vocal strain emphasised with that rough and gruff rock 'n' roll touch just clicks with me. 'Transformer' is an album I treasure, it has those Velvet Underground tingles still embedded into the sound but is well executed as a solo venture. From 'Walk On The Wild Side' hazy and harmony infused to 'Vicious' hitting those rasping rock feels, it's a purely wonderful album showcasing Lou Reed's finest music from one extreme to the other.  'Make Up' rolling into those lazy sunday vibes to then meet with 'I'm So Free' offering an urge to click your fingers and get up on your feet. And of course 'Perfect Day' that is drenched in early 60s Velvet Underground sensations. What a man. 

I've already mentioned two of my top three tracks from Lou (I'm Free & Vicious) so heres the third, 'Walk It And Talk It', its soaked in Rock 'n' Roll ecstacy and a gorgeous guitar solo. Lou Reeds music has that pure demo feel to it and its just so goose-bump-chargingly raw. 


So I can't possibly name every single track and band which is sad but it would honestly take up 10 pages of my blog! 

So below here are some more artists and just a few of my favourite tracks plus a playlist! Feel free to wrap yer' ears around it. 

The Buzzcocks:
Boredom // That's What I Get? // You Say You Don't Love Me // Noise Annoys // Ever Fallen In Love With Someone (You Shouldnt've) 

The Cure:
Pictures Of You // Lovesong // Lullaby // Why Can't I Be You? // Close To Me // Inbetween Days

Sex Pistols:
Anarachy In The UK // Holidays In The Sun // Pretty Vacant // I Wanna Be Me // God Save The Queen

Toys In The Attic // Walk This Way // Women Of The World // Sweet Emotion  

Diana Ross:
I'm Coming Out // Tenderness // Fool For Your Love // Aint No Mountain High Enough // Chain Reaction 

Michael Jackson:
Billie Jean // Bad // Smooth Criminal // Dirty Diana // Man In The Mirror //The Way You Make Me Feel // Another Part Of Me

Some Classics! 

I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Whitney Houston) // Dancing On The Ceiling (Lionel Richie) // Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper) // Cecillia (Simon And Garfunkle) // Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (Eurythmics) // Uptown Girl (Billie Joel) // Get Outta My Dreams And Into My Car (Billy Ocean// It's Tricky (Run-D.M.C) // Just Can't Get Enough (Depeche Mode)  // Come on Eileeen (Dexies Midnight Runners  // Wake Me Up Before You Go Go (Wham!) 


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