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- Wednesday, 21 March 2018. to read...
"I was also conscious to capture that same sentiment in the arrangement. I think that is why the strings work well as they give the song a kind of whim sickle and dreamy feel."

Esme Bridie is a wonderful singer songwriter who brings in a succinct style of storytelling through her carefully crafted lyrics and gentle vocals. Esme is dropping her debut record on the 23rd of March alongside a UK tour.

 I had a quick catch up with her ahead of the release. 

Where are you right now and what was the last song you listened to?

I am sat at my desk in my bedroom with my fairy lights on and the last song I listened to was Gina’s World by Marika Hackman.

What’s your earliest musical memory – who was the first artist you listened to that really resonated with you?

When my siblings and I were little, my mum used to put a CD on in the living room and we’d all have a dance! I used to love that! I remember dancing to Dido’s White Flag. J When I properly started getting into music at about 13 I used to love the Dixie Chicks! I also loved Kate Nash and Ingrid Michelson, so it seems I had a lot of female role models without really realizing it, I was just drawn to female singer- songwriters.

 Having a look back at a few of your previous tracks like ‘What You Had Yesterday’ and ‘Turn Around’, you are a wonderful storyteller in the way your songs are crafted – how do you feel your songs have progressed over the years?

Thank you! Looking back at my older songs, it seems my sense of melody progressed over the years. I’d say I’m a lot more aware now of my own voice and how to craft melodies around it.

 Precious Life has some gorgeous instrumentals and wonderfully honest lyrics that you’ve intertwined with your angelic vocals, you can really hear some relatable themes within this track and there is definitely a sense of optimism in a complicated world, how was it penning this particular song and did you have an idea of how you wanted the final recording to sound?  

This song came out of me one day after I watched a very sad news story that made me feel overwhelmed with how life can just go so easily. Although this is quite a somber theme I, wanted it to be hopeful and not depressing. I was also conscious to capture that same sentiment in the arrangement. I think that is why the strings work well as they give the song a kind of whim sickle and dreamy feel.

 The video works so well amplifying the messages in the song, how has the reception been and did you have an idea of how you wanted the video to look and what you wanted it to represent?

The responses to the video have been very positive, I think because it is very relevant. We wanted it to capture the issues of the NHS and also our planet and ecology. Although this is not particularly what the song was about when I wrote it, I like the new angle it presents. It is also just very timely.

Your Debut album – Today It Rains is coming out very soon on the 23rd of March  - how are you feeling about getting it out there?

Ahh! I am so excited but also very nervous! We have been working on it for a while and I can’t believe it is time for it to be released. I just hope people like it!

 What can we expect from the album and are some of these tracks ones you have been working on for a while?

You can expect lots of strings and openly tuned guitars, story- teller lyrics and other exciting flavors! We have been working on these songs for about two years so it is definitely time for other people to hear them. 

What was it like going into the studio and laying down these melodious records?

It was loads of fun! I got to work with Colin Mckay who is a great producer so there was always someone to bounce ideas off. My favorite sessions though, have to be when we recorded backing vocals with Ellie Smith and Thom Morecroft. They both have such great energy and amazing voices so it was just really special having them sing on my songs.

 You have some exciting gigs coming up on your tour, how are you feeling about spreading your music to ears across the UK?

Yes, I am playing in Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, London and York. I’m excited! It’s going to be great playing in different cities than usual. It is always nice playing to new people.

What else have you been working on behind the scenes?

Well I’ve got lots of new songs written which I’ve been working on with my band. These will have to be saved for the next album of course!

 And finally - What is your musical motto that you will stick to throughout your career?

I guess my musical motto would be to stay focused on making the music that I love and not get distracted by what other people think. It is very hard to do that in this industry but I hope that I could always be sincere.

Go see Esme Bridie live:

March 21st - Wharf Chambers, Leeds, (supporting The Younger Lovers)

March 22nd - Studio 2, Parr Street, Liverpool. Album Launch

March 27th - The Fitzgerald, Manchester 

March 31st - The 45 Cafe, York

April 14th - The Market, Leeds

April 25th - The Lending Room, Leeds

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